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Summer Vacation

Finally got around to publishing the pics from summer vacation in Maine.

This was my first annual Snow Family Clam Bake. It was fun.

Summer Vacationi stayed where it was nice and shallow and left the deep water for the big folkslike my swimsuit?me and my cousin Colinin Uncle Cory's armsMom and Grandma's fashion shootSummer VacationSummer VacationSummer VacationSummer VacationThis was the first time I met my great grandpagreat grand pa is a master clam bakerSummer Vacationand it is a good excuse for the boys to play with firethis is the camp.  that's what they call a house on a lake in mainei just nappeddad took me in the lake.  I wasn't sure about it at first.and mom carried me homebut everyone was doing itand mom said it was oki got the hang of it