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Tag: Guilty Confessions

Hi everyone,

I just like many of you have been tagged to confess my sins, so here goes.

1. I love to hang around in my sweats. I do try to look polished during the day, but when I get home, I turn into someone who needs her comfortable clothes.

2. If I could, I'd take daily baths, I prefer baths to showers and I can actually bathe for hours.

3. When I'm busy I forget to eat, I sometimes eat for the first time at dinner time. Even though I LOVE cooking! I have sooo many cookbooks, but I hate cooking the easy way. It has to be special.

4. I will forgive won't forget.

5. I have sooo many magazines and DVDs it's ridiculous. I can't seem to throw any away.

Extra confession.... I have the old Batman intro as my ringtone.... My mum said all I missed was a cape last August when I ran to my car to help a friend. So in honor of her and as a bonus to you, here is a simple Batman mask (Halloween idea) for you guys. All I did was use Stila's Smudge Pot in black and a pencil to draw out the shape on my face. The lashes I'm wearing are the Cheryl Cole lashes from Eylure and I got mine (I have one of each of the Girls Aloud ladies) on


I'd like to tag everyone who hasn't done this tag yet ;)