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Tampax Radiant Tampons

Tampax Radiant Tampons
I received the box and the Tampons, pads,liners and wipes were all inside. Can anyone say Arsenal? Amaze! It also came in perfect time for my time of the month. (literally 3 days before) As soon as I opened the package I knew it was something different. The shiny purple and yellow. Nice touch, doesn't look too shabby in my bathroom. Conclusion : Wipes: Are all individually packaged so you can take one or two anywhere. (This is a def repurchase.) I love that you can feel refreshed everywhere, that is something lacking during that time of the month. Its not super fluffy or like a baby wipe but it gets the job done and provides a freshness that is needed. Not a shower in a pouch but close. Liners & Pads: Were standard packaging but I love that they told you which way was which with a nice little arrow telling you "FRONT". It may only be me but I have messed that up a couple times. The Pads have wings as well which is like a seatbelt for panties. The absorbency is pretty great. You can feel secure using these as a back up in the night or for a long day out. Tampons: Now have a little sticky so you can reseal the tampon casing. Which is awesome because I have been known to open one only later to find out I do not need it! Also its nice when you have to dispose later, very discrete. These incorporate all of the Tampax tampons into one. Braid and seal, color and absorbency. All in all a staple product when all used together. Now if only they made a pill for the crappy way I feel when I have my lady days (that worked) they probably wouldn't be able to keep me away.
fkinkeas fkinkeas 2 years 39 weeks
how can i get some samples of those