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The Tattoo Blog (Ryan Phillippe and Keith Urban Version)
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The Tattoo Blog (Ryan Phillippe and Keith Urban Version)

some celebs i like tattoos:

Ryan Phillippe

you can just see it on his footyou can just see it on his foot

Keith Urban

Ryan's Tattoos: has symbol on right inner forearm, a large phoenix rising from the ashes on his left forearm, a cross shaped tattoo on left calf and a small ladybug tattoo on his right foot for his then-wife Reese Witherspoon. Also has a lion on his back, a symbol on his left bicep and a phoenix on his outer left arm. Now has a large symbol on his left calf where the small cross was.

Keith's Tattoos: A "Nicole" tattoo with hearts at the corners for his wife Nicole Kidman on his right bicep. A celtic symbol with his wife's initials (NMK) on his right wrist. A thunderbird on his inner left arm. In Latin for "Love Conquers All" ('Omni Vincit Amor') was covered up by his celtic sign one after he started dating Nicole. "Love" on left side on top of back and an eagle on the right top side of his back.

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I am very glad to see these lovely and beautiful detail. These detail is very lovley and good. Regard
jessie jessie 7 years 26 weeks
I love tattoos on guys! I think they are HOT...if they are done tastefully...which the above are. :faint: