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A Tech Intervention

My brother needs an intervention—a tech one! I'm not kidding; he is so addicted to technology and it is causing him to lose money and friends. He always has to have the latest iPhone, iPad, computer, camera etc. even if he can't afford and/or his gadgets work perfectly. He even bought the white iPhone off Ebay for $600 (when he already had an iPhone 4).  All he talks about is Steve Jobs, the newest Apple gadget, and what he recently read on "mac rumors" or other tech sites. Actually now that I think about it, he needs an Apple intervention. I am tired of him wasting his money on unnecessary tech items. Do you know anyone like this? What should I do?


Dr-Olga Dr-Olga 5 years 6 weeks
I know the guy, who is crazy about Apple products as well. He buys all what he wants from them. I guess the difference only that he has money to buy things like that. I personally think that Apple is overpriced and do not understand the obsession of thousands or even millions people worldwide toward Apple. Does he have a hobby or something...need to get one, something that will drive him away from this.