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The Thing: Is the Remake worth it??


E-value: 8.5/10
Plot : 7.5/10
Acting : 8.5/10 (for Winstead) 8/10 (for other cast)

I almost forwent this horror-remake but luckily I didn’t.

The Thing is a prequel to the 1982 John Carpenter film at the same title.

A paleontologist, Kate Llyod (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) joins a Norwegian research team that has discovered an extraterrestrial spaceship which is buried somewhere in Antartica. During the event, they dig out a mysterious dead creature which is frozen in ice and bring back to their lab.

Things start to fall apart following the same night when the creature breaks out of the ice and escapes from their lab. With the creature on loose, the team splits up to find it.

One of them, Henrik (Peder) is attacked and swallowed alive by the creature. Although the rest manage to rid the creature, but it is too late. Henrik is dead.

Dr Sander (Ulrich Thomsen) insists to have the dead creature back to their lab for autopsy. When Kate slits-open the dead creature’s chest, the crew is baffled to find Henrik’s tissue which is still in intact condition. On the other hand, Kate offers to run some testing on the specimen of Henrik’s tissue that soon links her to some disturbing truth about the creature.

It replicates human once it touches them…

The plots surprisingly very suspense and thrilling, not as stretchy as I thought earlier. Back to the original where one of my favorite scenes, live wire was used to check on the blood samples of remaining crew. But lucky, they didn’t practically recycle that idea on this remake. Instead of using live wire, Kate takes in another whole level to check the remaining crew true form.

Scene at kitchen where Sam Carter (Joel Edgerton – NCIS LA) stays hidden from the creature allows some room of suspense too. And needless to say, particularly on the final scene, it is well-narrated as it is literally linked to the entry’s scene of the original John’s Carpenter’s The Thing.

CGI monsters looks very surreal and incredibly nasty as it comes along with groaning sounds.

For acting part, quite contrary with Winstead’s average acting in Final Destination 3, her acting on The Thing is rather unforgettable and well-developed. She does effectively portray an observance and smart scientist who can outwit the creature in every possible way. The other cast also do great job playing their parts.

Overall, The Thing certainly serves the right at the alley of horror/action/thriller movie-goers. Almost flawless, except for one thing – Can I request the movie producer to change the title to ‘The Thing 2 – The Beginning….’?

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