Why Didn't Anybody Tell Me?
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Third time's a charm!

I have three girls, and the second I had my first daughter, people started asking me when I was going to have my boy. After my second daughter, the questions started a week after she was born. I was stopped by an elderly woman at a garden show, and instead of commenting how cute my newborn was, the second she heard "girl", she began to tell me how I needed a little boy. When I was pregnant with my third, after I found out her gender, I got a lot of "I'm sorry" from everyone. I think having all of the same gender is a wonderful gift. I was one of two, and my brother and I are not as close as most people I know who have same gender siblings. My three girls will be able to support each other when they reach milestones, such as puberty, dating, and social problems. Being the same gender, and close in age, they have the best built in support network. Even now, with my youngest almost 2, I will get stopped at least once every trip to the store by some well meaning (usually older) person, who looks at my three beautiful, healthy, thriving, well behaved daughters and say "when you trying for the boy?" It's insulting to think three girls are not enough. I am now unable to have more children, but if I wanted another, I'd definately want a girl. The dynamic is something I never expected, but am very grateful to experience and be a part of.

jenni5 jenni5 6 years 17 weeks
I have one boy and one girl and I always get "ok so I guess you're done now since you have your boy and girl". I have found when it comes to children people just do not sensor themselves. Nothing you can really do....just smile and nod.
techkim techkim 6 years 17 weeks
I have two boys and get the you going to try for a girl all the time. I would love to have one more but don't tell anyone I want another boy LOL.
Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 6 years 17 weeks
No one has ever been anything but smiles and compliments when it comes to my four-year old girl. I'm the sort of person, if someone asks me a stupid question, I give a stupid answer. "When are you having the boy?" ... "Maybe when you start minding your own business." Or if I was feeling really bitchy, "When you stop being stupid." I like your answer, Studio16, "We'll get on that." Much less rude than my approach would be.
Studio16 Studio16 6 years 17 weeks
I honestly don't think people are trying to be rude. Sometimes people just try to make small talk and they say stupid stuff that you shouldn't really say to people you don't know. Also, a lot of moms make no quibbles about the fact that they want their little pigeon pair, one of each. So I guess some people see young moms with all 3 and think, "Oh, that poor woman!" Next time someone says something like, "You should start trying for a boy," just smile and say, "We'll get on that."
MissSushi MissSushi 6 years 17 weeks
People do this all the time, about all sorts of things. It is really irritating, but i agree that for the most part they don't mean it to be as insulting as it comes across. My siblings and I are all 4 girls, and people were constantly badgering my mother. One second it would be, jeez have enough kids, and the next it would be, you better hurry up and have that boy! My mom just smiled and said 4 was plenty enough for us.
Kim-Smart Kim-Smart 6 years 18 weeks
You have to understand that people don't mean to be insensitive. I couldn't get pregnant for years, and it drove me crazy when people asked me, "Where are the kids?" They don't know the knife twisting affect this has on a person undergoing fertility problems. They are just trying to be nice and show an interest. Prepare a cute answer. Once, someone asked David Letterman why he had no kids. He said, "You'd have to ask my Urologist." (Since then, he's had kids) You could say, "Don't you know that girls are the best? How could anyone have a better family than mine?"