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Throwing Down at the Feuerzangenbowle

We held our annual German (as if you couldn't tell from the word coming up next) Feuerzangenbowle holiday party this past weekend, and as usual the food was superb. My husband prepares most of the food every year, but this year we also had amazing contributions from our guests, who really upped the table game with their yummy homemade goods. Keep clicking to see some of the yumminess from this year's party.


Throwing Down at the FeuerzangenbowleMy husband makes gravlax every year. This year he made seven pounds (!) using aquavit, brown sugar, kosher salt, and dill. It was so good.
A variety of delicious cheeses for friends.
We roasted vegetables and served them with homemade dips.
A happy plate, filled to the brim.
One friend made shrimp spring rolls for the party. Yum!
A view of the spread. My husband was particularly happy about his newly purchased chafing dish.
I made a vodka punch with sparkling apple cider, vodka, lingonberry juice, shaved ginger, and pomegranate seeds.
The centerpiece of the party is the mulled wine, which is lit on fire when a zuckerhut (sugar cone) is drenched in Bacardi 151 and lit on fire.
More homemade cookies.
Guests happily noshed.
And filled up on mulled wine!
And shots of aquavit, too.
Homemade pfeffernuesse.
Another friend made these delicious pickled eggs that were pickled with shaved beets (which explains the amazing pink color), apples, and red onions. So good.
Nancy-Einhart Nancy-Einhart 4 years 22 weeks
This looks incredible! I have to attest, Peter's gravlax is incredible.