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Tian El BioGraphy

I am Tian El, I'm an alien created to fulfill the destiny of one guy who would like to make difference in pop culture and in life it self. I'm not the typical voice, I'm just Tian El, dreamer of so many good things,but, yet, seem to not yet rise up entirely. I know this RISING DOMAIN will SPREAD upon those who are capable of understanding that Pop isn't just for the perfect and superficial, it can be for those who DREAM and overcome obstacles in life, of having to face demons of past existence, of people who just won't stop pushing you around. Let us show that CHARACTERS upon us can someday convert into SUCCESS. The concept of having your heart beat whenever you get to your dreams edges is more than one nuclear bomb. I would like to feel THE CROWD as part of my EXPERIENCE in this event. I'm not standing by to see what happens I'm making it happen. So as you should do. Let's stop thinking in those tragic BALLAD OF SORROW and start living our most beloved dreams. People who feel alienated like me from social boundaries should know that we are capable of doing whatever if we just keep giving the push. Greetings to all Earthlings..