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Top 10 Movies about Shoes!

From “I love those…” to “I wouldn’t want to be in their…” shoes have undoubtedly held a special place in Hollywood history. Come to think of it, shoes in general have a general oversight that goes unmatched by any other article of clothing or accessory. Civilized people, mostly of the female population, will spend hours on end shopping the malls to find the perfect pair, and usually can’t pick just one.

So once again, many thanks go out to the “Big Screen” for showing us that this passion for shoes that we women have doesn’t go unnoticed in the life of Hollywood!

10. “The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm”- 1962: This story brings us through the lives of Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm and three of their original fairy tales, including “The Elves and the Shoemaker”. This tale tells of a poor, old cobbler who, despite his hard and honest work, cannot get by on his meager earnings. If you don’t have the cash to buy leather, you can’t make and sell any shoes. Without any shoes, you can’t bring in any money. That’s where the elves come in. One good turn deserves another, and the shoemaker and his wife soon had enough money to live properly. As for the details, well, you’ll just have to watch the movie.

9. “Blue Suede Shoes” 1985: Bet you thought that this was going to be an Elvis flick! Well, you’re wrong, as the title song was originally recorded by rock’s legendary musician, Carl Perkins. This made-for-TV movie is a documentary, and is available for your viewing enjoyment n DVD. It’s all-star cast, including Barbara Bach, Ringo Starr and Eric Clapton play tribute to Mr. Perkins in their own, unique way. If you’re a fan of fifties music, this is a must see. If you’re a US history buff, the music of this era helped to define the current music genres around the globe.

8. “A Saintly Switch” aka “In Your Shoes”: 1999 brought quite a few impacts onto the world, never mind to the screen. This made-for-television, this intense perception comedy delves quite deeply into many modern day issues within the family unit. Vivica A. Fox and David Alan Grier are married with children, each with complete and utter disrespect for the other. When a potential divorce comes into the picture, the family moves to an old Victorian home in New Orleans, where the kids stumble upon some magic in the attic which they believe is the answer to their parents’ marital bliss. The mom and dad exchange souls (accidentally by the kids, of course) and learn what it’s like to be “in your shoes”. An old, common story takes on a new twist to entertain a new generation of TV viewers.

7. “The Devil Wears Prada” -2006: This one is perfect for our list, as an assistant to a top magazine editor that if you want to “be” the part, you have to “look” the part. Expensive, designer labels replace the average ones filling the closet of Andrea, all while changing her attitude and personal life. Her initial position at “Runway Magazine” was supposed to be a stepping-stone into the world of journalism, but now she’s seriously considering a future with the fashion publication. “Hell on Heels” is the tagline for this flick, as the shoes are certainly the finishing touch to any female’s attitude problem.

6. “The Christmas Shoes” -2002: Two separate lives are intertwined when the mother of a young boy becomes terminally ill with a heart condition and the wife of a lawyer declines a position at hubby’s law firm to accept the mom’s position as the head of the school choir. The young boy wants nothing more than to buy his mom the greatest pair of Christmas shoes ever, and the lawyer is shopping for a gift for his daughter. Based on the gut-wrenching, country song “The Christmas Shoes” by Bob Carlisle, this movie is certain to touch your heart and donate some pretty shoes to The American Heart Association.

5. “The Man with One Red Shoe” -1985: What happens when a so-called friend plays a practical joke on Tom Hanks by hiding his shoes…all but one mismatched pair? The CIA follows him, that’s what. And since we’re talking about Tom Hanks, its almost a guarantee that this film is funny. You see, long before the days of Forrest Gump and the Academy Awards, Tom Hanks was hysterically funny in every role he chose, even if he were the one the jokes were being played off of. If you want to laugh, you need to see this flick.

4. ‘Dead Man’s Shoes”- 2004: Who hasn’t wanted to avenge a wrong done to someone close to them, especially am immediate family member who can’t defend themselves! That’s the basis for this 2004 film starring Paddy Considine (also the co-writer) as Richard, whose brother is mentally challenged. Never forgiving or forgetting, he becomes an angel of vengeance, utilizing guerilla tactics and other means of retaliation. This thriller is a thrill ride to say the least.

3. “In Her Shoes” -2005: What do 2 sisters, a wicked stepmother, Cameron Diaz and (of course) a closet filled with shoes have in common? A Hollywood movie, that’s what! This 2005 chick-flick, although not seen by me, has gotten rave reviews from everyone that I know. Available for rental on DVD, this is one of those movies that fit nicely into any “girl’s night in”, complete with facials, mani’s and pedi’s, and individual pints of high-end ice-cream.

2. “The Wizard of Oz” - 1939: Who could ever forget the bright and colorful “ruby slippers” worn by a then 15-year old Judy Garland as her role of Dorothy in the oh-so-memorable big screen adaptation of the book, “The Wizard of Oz”! And those shoes are in demand! A horrid, wretched witch wants them so badly that she’s willing to “get you and your little dog, too!” All of this over a pair of shoes.

1. “Cinderella”- 1947 – present: This flick has been redone in so many different forms, it’s just not funny. While Disney did it the best (as Disney tends to do), my personal favorite is the Rodgers and Hammerstein version with Brandy as the girl in the glass slipper (made for television in 1997). “In My Own Little Corner” is a song that gets stuck in my head quite frequently, and the all-star, multi-ethnic cast including Whoopi Goldberg as the princes mom, Victor Garber as the king, and Paulo Montalban, a Filipino-American Broadway star, as the prince who is smitten by our dear Cinderella. Although we all know the ending to this story, it’s a great musical with a phenomenal cast.

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