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Top 10 Worst Gift Ideas, Most are from SixWise.com

Here is a list mostly compiled by SixWise.com. What is the worst Christmas Gift you have gotten?
1. Diet Pills/Exercise Equipment - Nobody wants the five (OK, 10) pounds they gained over the holidays thrown back in their face, which is exactly what your sweetheart will feel you're doing if you give him or her a Thighmaster this year. Leave the purchase of exercise equipment to the individual, unless they specifically requested it as a gift themselves.

2. Fruit Cake

3. Underwear/Lingerie- Lingerie is a risky bet. Pick out something she likes, and that's the correct size, and you may have done well -- but the chances of this are slim (no pun intended). More likely you'll buy something that's too big (and therefore implying she's fat), or too small (and therefore implying she's fat), or is the wrong style entirely (opening up a whole new can of worms).

4. Socks- Most people are happy to buy their own socks, and would rather do so than receive them as a present. (Yes, even if they're covered in reindeer or have separate places for each toe.) Don't believe us? Consumer Reports found that socks were the most offensive and disappointing gift that people received in 2005!

5. Anything that's Already Been Used- If the box is crinkled, even slightly, they'll know it's been used! Same goes for clothing that mysteriously contains no tags, or popcorn tins that are slightly less than full.

6. Chia Pet

7. "Weird" Items- It's tempting to buy that one-of-a-kind, fuzzy, fuchsia sweater vest for Aunt Sue, or that giant frog-shaped paperweight for cousin Pete, but, unless you know they've been yearning for one, chances are slim that they'll like it (and odd items may be difficult to return). Remember, there is a line between tasteful unique gifts and flat-out weird ones, and the line is not that fine.

8. Clothing-Although clothing is the most popular gift for 2006 shoppers, according to Consumer Reports, it also came in as the most disappointing category (with socks the worst among them) of gifts received in 2005. So unless you are absolutely confident that you know the correct size, color, fabric -- and style -- that the person will like, don't buy it. Less risky are neutral items of clothing that don't quite run these risks.

9. Gifts that require work- Vacuum cleaners, most kitchen appliances, leaf blowers and nose-hair trimmers are not, and should not be considered, "gifts." Again, a possible exception is if they have been asked for -- no, begged for -- and even then ask yourself, would they really like something that adds fun or enchantment to life instead?

10. Items that Could Hurt or Annoy Others: Your neighbor's kids may love a drum set, but would their parents speak to you afterward? Similarly, rollerblades are fun, but did your Uncle Theo tell you about his bad hip? Risky items in this category include slingshots, pellet guns and other toys that involve projectiles, items that involve loud, repetitive sounds, and sports equipment and/or power tools that fall into the wrong hands.

cheekyredhead cheekyredhead 7 years 21 weeks
I got a weight scale for christmas...divorced the guy. My sister gets really bad gifts from her mother-on-law...one year it was a retractable clothes line, another year a toilet seat cover(just the seat cover...the tank set and floor rug was missing), but her all time worst was a stainer for the sink drain for a bath tub, so that no hair goes down the drain...her mother-in-law must really hate her.
laceymace laceymace 7 years 21 weeks
Good call on this list. Those gifts suck it bad. =+)
KAT0002 KAT0002 7 years 22 weeks
I really don't like getting clothes as a gift. It is either too big too small or not my style.
Great-Sommelier Great-Sommelier 7 years 22 weeks
Oh, those light up shirts!! My daughter has like two princess light up shirts. What's funny is yesterday I saw an ad that went as follows,"What's the hot new gift to give.... chi-chi-chi-Chia." I was like, umm...new? I gave my sister one one time for a gag gift. Only because that year she got a really, really,really bad perm and looked like the one with the guys head. Of course, this was 1991. I love this list by the way!
PinkNC PinkNC 7 years 22 weeks
I don't think you should ever give clothing as a gift to your children. I think that's tacky because as a parent you do that anyway every month. Now this year I did buy a child a light up light up Lightning Mcqueen t-shirt but only because he always mentions how much he likes the character, plus he saw another child with a Star Wars light up shirt and thought it cool. It's the one gift that surely won't get on his parents nerves this Christmas morning.