Totally and utterly confused

Ever since my teens I knew I liked girls. At around the age of 16 I came out to my parents as being bisexual and even though they were sad at first they accepted it with open minds and hearts. But as the years have gone by I've felt it more and more harder to be attracted to males sexually. And even in my teen years it always felt forced. Like it felt nice physically but mentally I was always somewhere else when being intimate with guys. And even when kissing guys I felt absolutely nothing compared to when I kissed girls and it felt like fireworks going off. I've been in denial for a very long time and it hasn't been easy to get over especially because whenever I'd try to talk about it with friends I always got told "oh you're not gay you're just confused." And honestly I still kind of am because a part of me still really doesn't want to accept it. I'm also really confused too because I can be attracted to men emotionally but physically I don't really feel anything.

mamamisfit mamamisfit 3 years 21 weeks
i am struggling with this same exact thing