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Best of 2009: Beauty Trendsetters

This has been a big year for celebrity hair and makeup, with a fresh crop of people trying out edgy hair, stunning makeup, and wildly creative looks that inspire everyone else. Among the women pictured, there's no shortage of material for inspiration. But my question is, which of these trendsetters' new looks do you follow the most avidly?

4 years 14 weeks
It's the sexy 666 female clan!!
SimplyGunaaa SimplyGunaaa 4 years 28 weeks
Taylor Swift and Katy Perry
Emii Emii 4 years 38 weeks
4 years 38 weeks
I vote for kristen stewart. and i love shes so much. she so cool girl. :)))
4 years 38 weeks
Kristen is punk, she has her own style, and it is not only words of mine. maybe someone heard, that she became a new muse for Dolce&Gabbana and Valentino? i mean they are more objective than you.Fortunately, she don't care about it!
katie0robsten katie0robsten 4 years 38 weeks
KStew is da best baby ;)
4 years 38 weeks
I voted Kristen Stewart bec she started the trend casual trend again now alot of ppl dress casual and wear natural makeup like k-stew.
4 years 38 weeks
I love Kristen, but I agree that she has no sense of fashion!
JiminyCricket JiminyCricket 4 years 38 weeks
Kristen set the trend of I don't give a damn what you think. She doesn't need to be made up like the rest of the posers in Hollywood. Leighton should stick with Gossip Girl because she doesn't know how to dress or make herself up in public. Lady Gaga is in some kind of other realm. Megan Fox achieved her looks through plastic surgery. Rihanna's hair is like a squirrel died on it. And Katy Perry should stick to looking like a blowup doll.
shayela shayela 4 years 40 weeks
what trend has kristen stewart EVER set?
spicyaroma spicyaroma 4 years 40 weeks
Leighton looks awful there! I'd actually say Kristen, because she has a million young girl fans and want to copy her look (even me, but shhh :P ) As much as I love Lady gaga's looks, I don't think anyone could or should copy her! Katy's quite the trensetter too :)
elenalda elenalda 4 years 40 weeks
Why is Kristen on the list. She has absolutely no fashion sense.....
kastarte2 kastarte2 4 years 40 weeks
Yeah Speak, I have to agree. Kristen Stewart is not some one I would consider a beauty trendsetter even a little bit, but I am sure all the twihards will come and boost her score. There wasn't a prettier picture of Leighton that could have been used? She normally looks so beautiful but that photo looks like Halloween vampire make up.
SpeakLike-aChild SpeakLike-aChild 4 years 40 weeks
Those aren't exactly their best pictures -.-' Kristen Stewart trendsetter? really?
Pampire Pampire 4 years 40 weeks
Well I'm a jeans and T-shirt kind of gal so I guess Kristen stewert is the closest to that so I chose her, I don't live in Hollywood and I spend all my time with my children so that's what I'm most comfortable in. Reese would of been a better option for me.
slikkback slikkback 4 years 40 weeks
what trend has kristen stewart ever set? rock band printed tees and jeans? a greased mullet? DUTT!
bazookasam bazookasam 4 years 40 weeks
Sienna Miller!
Akasha Akasha 4 years 40 weeks
I don't know that Kristen Stewart's look is a favorite of mine, but as a trendsetter she went with the "I'm not a slutty Hollywood ho" look so I guess that's setting a new trend. I don't know that Leighton Meester was trend setting rather just had a good sense of style most of the time. There are some instances of her flopping greatly. I would have picked Blake Lively or Taylor Momson before Blake. Although Taylor's look is more a redo of 90's Courtney Love / 80's Blonde. Rihanna and Lady Gaga aren't starting trends, it's not like there are a multitude of people trying to copy that look. I mean seriously how many people could really walk around with our nipples electrical taped or hanging out. While Gaga is theatrical and she' snot taking herself seriously, Rihanna's stuff is just ugly and ridiculous and she takes herself way too seriously. If I had my choice I would go with Agyness Deyn
JaimeLeah526 JaimeLeah526 4 years 40 weeks
I can't believe anyone would think Kristen Stewart is a trendsetter. She has her mullet for a role, not for a fashion choice. Rihanna is and always will be the biggest trendsetter.
4 years 40 weeks
I don't understand why Kristen Stewart gets so much abhorrence. I think she's: a) absolutely gorgeous b) a terrific actress (anyone seen Adventureland?!) and c) completely comfortable in her own skin. Since when does possessing intelligence and not selling out translate into ungrateful brat?
Vsugar Vsugar 4 years 40 weeks
I'm sorry - I LUUUURRRVVVVEEE Kristen Stewart and all her looks - even the grungy ones. I think she's very comfortable with being herself, there is nothing sexier (for me) than that. And I adore her black hair. But I'm not gonna lie - Megan Fox is undeniably gorgeous.
WorldFamousAmy WorldFamousAmy 4 years 40 weeks
My style is more of a 'trendier-girl-next-door' look like Lauren Conrad or even Carrie Underwood - both have a pretty laid back, style but definitely know when to glam it up. I have to say that Carrie Underwood has had some amazing red carpet moments this year and that beautiful red dress she wore at the 2009 ACM's was a showstopper for sure!
loveshahrukh loveshahrukh 4 years 40 weeks
i have to say none unfortunately
4 years 40 weeks
I think if Kristen could actually pass for attractive more people would hate her. That's probably why she fits right in the Twilight character-but I have to say props to her for being and staying true to herself. I think that why those little girls like her so much. I would pick Rihanna or Leighton for trendsetting style though.
fauxcat fauxcat 4 years 40 weeks
I vote for Gaga! Yes, her looks are typically insane, but she inspires me to think (at least a little) outside of the box with my own style and take more risks.