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Tricia Sawyer- Eye Slept

I have spied an interesting new product at Sephora...its called 'Eye Slept' by Tricia Sawyer.

Ok...I will admit that I have this mega huge complex about dark circles under my eyes (which are mostly in my head I think...), so I am always looking for good eye brightening sticks, highlighters, concealers, etc. This new product really caught me eye. It claims to be "an instant pick-me-up of lightness and brightness for looking like you slept, even when you didn't. "

This is definitely in my shopping basket the next time I am there- but tell me, has anyone tried this yet?

You can spy it here:

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dlmslp dlmslp 7 years 35 weeks
hi! i probably have a bigger complex than you do about your circles. mine are bad...blueish purpleish and constant, no matter how much sleep i get. anyway, i did check this out online and i am afraid it would accentuate mine. you can go to tricia sawyer's website and watch a 'makeup lesson' video of her using the product on someone. my thing is, i want to conceal, but i don't want to draw attention to them and i HATE raccoon eyes when they look too light. another sugar member led me to eve pearl's website and i am going to try her salmon concealor (there are also how to videos on her site) along with tricia's full potential foundation to blend. i was going to purchase eve pearl's foundation but i was afraid it would be too heavy since she's known for tv. sorry to get side tracked. i was really just trying to tell you about the eye slept tutorial on tricia's site
emma- emma- 8 years 15 weeks
Ditto on your