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Don't know what to do! my girlfriend is at the vets with the dog now after she had been to the groomers yesterday and this -
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Triming my Pup's Fur

My dog doesn't really like getting brushed and by doesn't like I mean runs away at the first sign of a brush! Unfortunately his fur tangles really easy, so I was thinking rather than chasing him around the house with a brush, I would just occasionally trim his fur. Does anybody trim their own puppy's fur and have any tips or tools that they just love?

*Isn't he such a cutie!

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Don't know what to do! my girlfriend is at the vets with the dog now after she had been to the groomers yesterday and this - Opinions: Pro/Anti Car Window Down with Your Pup in the Car? Cat has a broken leg... Boerboel going bald! My dog is extremely needy! My dog is a jumper... and weighs 90 lbs! OUCH! Any advice for a husky/shepherd mix that is now 1.5 years old?
cute-devil cute-devil 5 years 17 weeks
I have the same problem with my maltese . If you can not teach your dog on brushing (which I fully understand), it is best to hold the hair short , but not too short . if you decide to cut your dog hair by yourself can find a lot of good advices in the book Dog Grooming FOR DUMmIEs or on site . I would writte you a lot more, but English is not my first language .
spottsmom spottsmom 5 years 27 weeks
I have to agree with Deanna Teaching his to accept brushing is likely better Brushing does more than prevent matting and it is healthy for his skin. Just take things slowly is he still young? has he ever been groomed? Just wondering if he had a bad experience or not. I would work with him in short training sessions keep it fun My dog hates her toe nails done and even when i pull my own clippers out she vanishes LOL I have worked with hr though sh wanted this stuffed dog i had put up and so when she is good and lets me do her toes she gets some play time with that stuffed animal (she is a chunky dog so not too many treats for her) she loves this and it is working
MarkOfMary MarkOfMary 5 years 29 weeks
I have a Siberian Husky, and she shed's REALLY bad twice a year, my vet gave me a low dose of benadryl (sp?) to give her in a treat form so I can trim her coat and prevent the massive amount of shedding. I also give her treats and praise her following her trimming times and she's getting to the point where I hope we won't need the drowsy pills to bring out the trimmer, but, works for now! Good luck!
mnp mnp 5 years 31 weeks
I trim my shih tzu's fur short instead of brushing. It's easier for me. // I keep a lot of treats on end or a raw hide bone to keep him distracted so I can trim him. I sometimes smear peanut butter on the shower wall so he'll stay still. lol You can get the pet clipper/shaver from Petsmart/Petco (it's probably cheaper if you searched online). I also use a pair of children's scissors to trim stray hair here and there. (I don't want to accidentally cut him.)
deanna024 deanna024 5 years 31 weeks
I don't think that cutting the hair is any substitute for brushing. What you need to try to do is make brushing a positive thing. First, bring the brush out, and give the pup some treats. Don't get the brush near him. Then, slowly work the brush closer to him. perhaps set it on the floor and if he stays around or even goes over to sniff it, give him a treat. Keep at this until you can brush him a little bit, and always reward with treats and praises for each step closer. Don't expect this to happen overnight -- it may take a week of daily work. But if you do this, it can make him tolerate, if not look forward to, brushing.