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Try a Sapphire Instead of a Diamond

When my then boyfriend and I started to talk about getting married, I made it very clear to him that I did not want a diamond engagement ring. While I know they have added more regulations, it was still not an industry that I wanted to support. On a quest for something more unique, I was immediately drawn to sapphires. Sapphires are typically mined in very stable countries, are a very strong stone and come in just about every color. Also my boyfriend was pleased that a sapphire is not nearly as expensive as their diamond counterpart. I obsessively checked the The Natural Sapphire Company to find the perfect stone. I had to do the looking for the perfect stone since my soon to be hubby is color blind (often thinks brown is pink). Once I had the stone, he designed the setting with a local jeweler. I love that my ring was a collaborative project between my soon to be hubby and myself. I always get a ton of compliments and hope other women might give this stone a try instead of the traditional and exceptionally pricey diamond.
Here is my ring:
3 years 29 weeks
Your ring is lovely. I've told my boyfriend that I don't care if it's a diamond or a sapphire (I'd love a blue one though) as long as the setting is something I'd like. I absolutely love the art deco filigree 1920's style. Something with delicate work on the band and not just a ton of extra side stones - like all the modern ones seem to be. Probably his best bet would be to go through ebay - I saw some settings and sapphire rings on there for a really good deal. But ultimately it could be a gumball machine ring and if it was a honest (i.e. not a joke) proposal I'd still say yes. You say yes to the man, not the ring!
birdsflyinghigh birdsflyinghigh 4 years 17 weeks
Thanks everyone! I had no clue about princess diana's ring! Good luck with your ring hunt, it is pretty fun!
4 years 17 weeks
After trying out some of the most shiny and expensive diamond rings I just wasn't feeling it, something wasn't clicking and I was starting to think we would never find a PERFECT engagement ring. We did some research, learned about the very sad state of the diamond industry and started looking into alternatives. The moment I saw the pink sapphires I was in love, I have a cushion cute bubble gum pink with 2 smaller round baby pink stones on the sides. It's perfect, I love it and it's very much me. No blood diamonds needed.
4 years 20 weeks
I love this idea! I too, have wanted something without diamonds for the same reasons. I'll have to keep this in mind!
cdelaney cdelaney 4 years 20 weeks
I love this. My husband and I have non-traditional wedding rings because we passionately oppose blood diamonds and the mining of gold.
4 years 20 weeks
What a nice idea. Always nice to see somebody thinking of people other than themselves. I agree, the diamond industry is terrible... I don't support people being killed over these stupid rocks that ppl want just so that they can brag that they got a real diamond. I will remember this for when i want to start dropping hints :)
insanitypepper insanitypepper 4 years 20 weeks
Princess Di had a sapphire engagement ring. Of course, it wasn't exactly a bargain at something like $65,000. Big ring.
Vampyre Vampyre 4 years 20 weeks
It's a gorgeous ring. No doubt about that.
4 years 20 weeks
i love this idea, i've never wanted a diamond ring for the exact same reasons that you've given i'm not engaged yet, but this will be a great alternative for me someday :)
Yettivolta Yettivolta 4 years 21 weeks
I did get a diamond from my fiance but I have 6 blue sapphires on each side and antique engraving all over the ring (he designed the whole lot himself). Knowing all the bad stuff about the diamond industry he sourced the rock together with an old fashioned jeweller who knew exactly where his materials came from. My ring is beautiful, I have never seen one like it and I have people in shops, restaurants etc. coming up to me to admire it.
Sundaydrive Sundaydrive 4 years 21 weeks
Love this! Going to start dropping hints about non traditional wedding rings to my boyfriend!
Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 4 years 21 weeks
I've always wanted a unique wedding ring, this is beautiful!
cotedazur cotedazur 4 years 21 weeks
Great article!! Sapphires and rubies are both great choices because they are actually very rare stones, and thus will keep their value or grow in value. Diamonds are not that rare - their price is artificially by the diamond industry - so they're more of a risky investment.
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 4 years 21 weeks
Sapphires make lovely engagement rings. Your yellow sapphire ring is pretty -- nice color saturation. I have a collection of colored sapphire rings, too. My personal favorite is my green sapphire ring.
socalbeachgal socalbeachgal 4 years 21 weeks
Gorgeous ring, I like the simple setting. Congrats!!
miki321 miki321 4 years 21 weeks
As far as I know, much of the sapphire is mined in Burma . Google it and tell me if Burma is a nice place to live in.. They have wars payed for by Rubies and Sapphires. Conflict diamonds make up 1 percent of all diamonds sold. If you buy Canadian Diamonds you are guarantied that they are conflict free. learn about diamonds on, or
Angelica Angelica 4 years 22 weeks
I really admire how much research, thought and care went into it. It's a true symbol of love. And, it's just gorgeous!