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Turn Your Pineapple Into a Cocktail Glass

My mom sends me a lot of pineapple. Probably because I miss being in Hawaii with the fam so much. I took my most recent shipment to a bartender friend who hollowed them out so we could enjoy our rum cocktails in fresh pineapple cups. And since I love all things tiki, the novelty won me over. Though the picture might not do it justice, trust me in saying that a daiquiri and Hemingway never tasted as good than out of that cup!

Quick tip: If you try this at home make sure you don't cut too close to the edge. If you do, expect your cocktail to explode all over you!

lauren lauren 5 years 50 weeks
YUM! This looks so good and anything in pineapple automatically makes think I am on vacation! I am going to have to learn how to hollow them out! Thanks!