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Two Americas Face Off on Tuesday

Next Tuesday, the two Americas will go to war, which, thankfully in a stable democracy, means they hold an election.

One America — call it “Old America” — is overwhelmingly white, mostly older and male, but also full of married, suburban women. It is increasingly conservative and sour on many of the socioeconomic innovations of the 20th century, from anti-poverty programs to freely available birth control and legal abortion. Old America worries that the nation’s generosity is being abused by layabouts and illegal immigrants. It is worried about debt. Well, Democrat-created debt, anyway.

Like the questioner who prompted Mitt Romney’s infamous “47 percent” remark at a Boca Raton fundraiser, Old America thinks people ought to learn to fend for themselves — to stop leeching off the successful. It thinks too many people are asking for “handouts.” It is southern and Midwestern and rural and suburban. It is holed up in a mansion, growling about voter fraud and yearning for the days when government knew its job was to hand out defense contracts and then go away. Old America is sick of hearing about racism and doesn’t get why the left gets so worked up over an Obama monkey joke or two.

The other America — “New America” — is a patchwork of white and black and beige and brown. It is youthful, but not entirely young. It is home to rich celebrities and the inner city poor. It mixes hip-hop with rock ’n’ roll. It over-indexes on Twitter. New America prefers the city to the ’burbs and favors the Daily Show and Letterman over the local news and Leno.

Old America idealizes the 1950s, when the only women a man had to worry about were his wife, his daughter, his mother and his secretary. And maybe his mistress. Women and minorities “had no interest” in being executives at its private equity firm, as Mitt Romney once said of Bain Capital. If a woman did work, she still made it home in time to prepare dinner. She didn’t bellyache for equal pay.

New America isn’t pressed about marriage. It prefers to eat out, and it doesn’t matter who cooks. It takes for granted that Billy might have two moms or two dads, and that the CEO might be a she. It could care less if gays serve in the military. It can’t imagine abortion or contraceptives being illegal. New America doesn’t think the ’50s were the good old days. It thinks Mad Men is a good TV show, but so is The Walking Dead. New America knows it won the “culture wars” a long time ago, and sometimes gives in to the temptation to mock Old America as backward and dumb. New America doesn’t get that that’s probably not helpful.

Old America wants tax cuts, and to “unleash” business. It wonders why union workers think they’re so special.

New America has friends that work on Wall Street, but it secretly considers them sell-outs. It thinks the government should regulate the banks and it’s glad the Feds saved Detroit. New America isn’t sure Medicare will be there when it gets old, but it doesn’t think the answer is to throw future grannies into the insurance market.

Old America wants a president who’ll tell the world to get with the program or get crushed. It would rather America be feared than liked. It’s skeptical of science and thinks all that climate talk is just another excuse for government to pick the businessman’s pocket. It believes God and private charity are the real cures for the nation’s ills.

New America wants a president who’ll seek a global consensus on climate change. It’s sick of war and grossed out by drone warfare (its biggest knock on President Obama). But it has no beef with the military, where a lot of its friends are. New America doesn’t need the president (or God) to constantly say it’s exceptional.

Mitt Romney is winning Old America in a landslide. His share of white men in particular is at generational highs. He is ahead among voters over 60, even with their anxiety over his and Paul Ryan’s plans to voucherize Medicare.

Barack Obama is winning New America in a walk. His share of black, Hispanic and Asian voters is in the blowout range. He is winning young people and single women.

The polls show a close election because the two Americas are roughly equal in size. But not for long.

New America is growing, fast. In many ways, Tuesday is Old America’s last stand.

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stephley stephley 3 years 29 weeks
God I hope lots of people think like Hypno!!
hypnoticmix hypnoticmix 3 years 29 weeks
The article does pull out a stereotype or two but to focus on that rather than the big picture you're missing the forest for the trees. The fact of the matter is America is transitioning into new thought forms or mindset hence (Old America vs. New America). The Industrial Age is morphing into the Tech Age and this kind of change isn't without it's growing pains. As for the election for me this comes down to character and substance between (these two candidates) simple as that. The best criticism opponents of President Obama can come up with is that progress is not being made fast enough. Fair enough I'd like things to get on a little faster myself. However in substance that's really all they have to pin on him. The fact of the matter is things are getting better and we have of all people Romney, Santorum and Gingrich all on tape last fall conceding that very point. I'm not opposed to another candidate if they offer up a better plan but to date Romney is empty handed when it comes to substance on that point. Giving us the frame work but not the details is indeed a sham and an insult to every American voter who is looking for the best path forward. His integrity on positions is practically non-existent. No one...I don't care who you are can genuinely say where Gov. Romney stands on an issue because he won't stay still on an issue. His stance is whatever stance the audience before him wants him to have and frankly that is anything but a leader. When one can create a montage of a candidate on tape in (his own words-unedited) hours long of them contradicting and in some cases double and triple contradictions on the same issue again that is anything but a leader. It is a manipulator of the highest form. Gov. Romney's supporters tout his business experience as his core strength for getting us out of the recession faster than President Obama. Well that's all fine and good but what happened in Massachusetts? They had a Gov. Romney who they say worked well bi-partisanly and used his excellent experience to benefit the State. Why then was Massachusetts left at 47th when Romney left office? If your best argument for why you should get the job is what your experience can do for us yet your last political executive assignment you left your State 3rd from the bottom you need to re-examine your strengths. Don'tcha think? By contrast the President has stood firm on positions. Rather than morphing into every opinion he finds himself surrounded by he leads by presenting his case consistently. His plan for America has been online in (detail) for every one and their grandma to see for nearly a year and a half! A fact contrary to GOP propaganda that the President "has no plan". When I think of all of the horror stories told by GOP leadership that have never come close to fruition. All the out right fact checked lies told by the GOP leadership & Romney campaign. All of the orchestrated obstruction for the sake of political positioning over American progress. All of Gov. Romney's serial self-contradictions. Who I am voting for is the easiest decision I think I have made in my life. Having said that if the GOP numskulls had nominated Gov. Huntsman I would have given him serious consideration against President Obama. Considering the Obama campaign admittedly stated they were nervous about Huntsman the GOP kicked a gift horse in the mouth. If your concern is the economy and international leadership doesn't it make more sense to nominate a candidate which has two terms as Governor with robust economic gain and some one who was ambassador to our most important foreign relationship (China)? The GOP dismissed him because he wouldn't bend over for the extreme right and say hit it baby like Romney did. For me that kind of ignorance shall not be rewarded.
stephley stephley 3 years 29 weeks
Nothing but outright lies! Most teacher salaries are in line with the U.S. average; no one gets anywhere near rich by being a teacher. Your “notorious takers” (and I count several as close relatives) spend hours beyond the regular work day, correcting tests & assignments, planning lessons, tutoring students, taking classes to further expand their own knowledge base; they spend countless evenings and weekends at school functions. Their benefit packages are no more luxurious than similar civil employees. What cops, firefighters, teachers, transportation workers, nurses, etc., become millionaires through their jobs? US schools and education have advanced and improved since 1980 – to claim they’ve regressed or stood still since the Dept of Education was created is nonsense (and you should consider who ran the federal government for most of the 32 years encompassed by your claim: the GOP has long been notorious for its anti-education stances.) Do you believe that most working people in their 20s and 30s today are uneducated? I’m just curious: have you ever made any effort to return some of the excesses you won from the state of NY when you were a unionized government employee? You don’t HAVE to keep them.
Grandpa Grandpa 3 years 29 weeks
Maybe teachers in the private sector, but teachers in the public sector are amongst the most notorious takers, what with tenure, pension, salary and benefits, all on the public dime. What is the result of all the money put into education since the dept. of education was formed. Not a damn thing as far as the students are concerned.
stephley stephley 3 years 29 weeks
Earner/givers like teachers, who educate American workers; earner/givers like the men & women who served in WWII, Korea, Vietnam - who didn't get deferment after deferment - who came home, worked & raised families, and are now retired facing an uncertain future because some politicians - who did get deferment after deferment - think keeping the promises the US made to them isn't as cost effective as building cool new weapons.
stephley stephley 3 years 29 weeks
The takers like Romney, Limbaugh, Trump, none of whom have ever created anything or helped anyone else without a guaranteed return, versus the earner/givers, like the first responders this week saving lives along the eastern seaboard despite constant GOP complaints that they're paid too much; the earner/givers in the military and their families, who are constantly asked to sacrifice while military contractors & lobbyists encourage politicians to find new wars to fight; the earner/givers who work long hours under miserable conditions in low paying jobs, while constantly hearing they need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps by CEOs & politicians who are cutting those bootstraps as fast as they can.
Grandpa Grandpa 3 years 29 weeks
It is a contest between the takers (where nothing is ever enough) and the earner/givers (who have to pay for all those 'goodies"
stephley stephley 3 years 29 weeks
"traditionalists or white old me?" men
stephley stephley 3 years 29 weeks
Considering your record on facts here at 4.0, your claim that there's very little truth here is a pretty strong endorsement of its accuracy. This sentence: "It's a typical hit piece on conservative, by likening them to traditionalists, who are only white old men, which is not a true sterotype." make no sense at all. Is it a hit piece because it likens conservatives to traditionalists? Are traditionalists only white old men? What's not a true stereotype - conservatives, traditionalists or white old me?
UnDave35 UnDave35 3 years 29 weeks
There's very little truth here, as far as "old America" is concerned. It's a typical hit piece on conservative, by likening them to traditionalists, who are only white old men, which is not a true sterotype.
stephley stephley 3 years 29 weeks
And true.
UnDave35 UnDave35 3 years 29 weeks
This would be so funny if it wasn't so sad and insulting.