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Ugg boots controversy

I was just wondering that fashion girls all around the world think about how we should wear our favourite ugg boots. I found out some of their thought which I will present and at the end of my post I will write down my opinions...

(this article was found on wikihow: How to wear ugg boots, the photos are still my choice)

* The benefit of wearing Ugg Boots is that you don't need to wear socks with them, even in cold weather as they are warm inside.
* Although you do not have to wear socks with Uggs, wearing them prevents damage to the fur inside the shoe.
* Avoid wearing thicker socks (ones designed for hiking, skiing, or general winter wear). They may damage the insides of your Uggs.
* You can buy some cleaning products specifically made for Ugg Boots.
* Try aterproofing them using spray, this will prevent water damage.
* Men usually look best wearing Ugg boots with jeans, but probably should not wear them at all
* Wearing Ugg boots with skinny jeans prevents having to tuck them in every so often.
* You don't have to tuck your jeans into your uggs. Boot-cut jeans over uggs look really cute too!
* Most people think uggs look best with jeans.
* When wearing Uggs with a skirt in colder seasons try pairing them with knee socks with a pretty design along the top.


* Be very careful about wearing them with too short short-shorts/miniskirts. You can very easily look really "slutty" when wearing uggs with short-shorts! You can avoid this problem entirely by wearing them with jeans/pants only!
* Avoid wearing Uggs in muddy or wet conditions.
* Never put Ugg boots in the washing machine, as this can damage them.
* Ugg boots weren't called "ugg" without a reason. Be circumspect about where you wear them; formal events are a complete no-no.
* Some guys hate seeing Ugg boots on their girlfriends.

Fashion Must-Have by Vanessa Hudgens

My though on the famous ugg boots?

Celebrities made them popular that is 4 sure... because if I haven't seen Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson wearing them, I would have never known what Ugg boots are... And the fact that they are something both celebrities wear & we all can buy it's something. If they wore more expensive I don't think girls would have loved them so much... This is the thing that makes them pop from all the other fashion stuff celebrities wear. They are cheap, and comfy & why not wear them if all celebrities love them?!
They look funny if I must say, but if u have the right attitude they will pop from the rest of Ur outfit... Celebs wear them cause they don't care what everybody things, we should wear them the same way. So, why care if Ur bf likes them? if Ur friends like them? if u wear them in summer or winter? U wear them cause u don't care!!
If u don't like them is Ur choice not 2 buy them... But if u do, it's u choice 2 make the most of them... I declare myself a fan of this boots, not only because celebrities love them, but also because I can afford a pair and because I can get my feet warm when I drive... I'm not a sneakers fan, I prefer uggs when I wanna be comfy! I wear them in any way I want because celebs do the same, they don't care about no rule when they wear uggs, why should I?! I enjoy my ugg time, cause I wear them like I wear my gladiators or my pumps. It's my luxury of not caring about the rest!

Karelynn Karelynn 7 years 7 weeks
I love Uggs. I only ever wear them with jeans because I'll only ever put them on when I'm freezing -- and there is no way I'm wearing a skirt or shorts when it's so cold. I plan on buying a new pair next winter so I'll have a few colors to swap out.
esw esw 7 years 8 weeks
* Birkenstock's
esw esw 7 years 8 weeks
I love my Uggs and I wear them all the time! They are soooooooooo comfy but yes they are ugly, but they are cute if you wear them right. People who hate Uggs tell me mine are cute. I also love my ugly Birkensticks in the summer. They feel like heaven.
girrly girrly 7 years 8 weeks
I love Uggs, and can never decide which pair to buy.
anamariababe anamariababe 7 years 8 weeks
Well, my first ones were also fake uggs, because in Europe they were not in much fashion & I could not find the original ones. But, when i saw how practical they are I did my best 2 buy ones... Now we love them in Europe also, 2 years ago i was like a freak with my uggs...
iheartstyle iheartstyle 7 years 8 weeks
i like uggs, but i dont have any :(
t0xxic t0xxic 7 years 8 weeks
Well I love my "fuggs" that is fake uggs. I cant see spending over 20 on a pair of shoes myself seeing how Im a mommy of 2 little kids and the economy isnt that great but I think they are cute comfy and fugg anyone who feels otherwise
smryna smryna 7 years 8 weeks
I love Uggs,too!! It's too comfy and protect against cold weather...:)
juicybabe527 juicybabe527 7 years 8 weeks
I personally am a little sketchy about Uggs. I think it's okay for us to wear them around the house with sweatpants, maybe out for errands, and I like the knit ones more than the classic ones. I hate seeing them with shorts or skirts- that's so trashy.
DecemberBaby DecemberBaby 7 years 8 weeks
Oh it would be nice to buy them for her! And I am loving the knit ones too! Maybe I'll get myself another pair too!
pharm_chick pharm_chick 7 years 8 weeks
for sure uggs are 'ugg'ly, but theyre soooo comfy!! i absolutly love them. and they go with pjs too lol
anamariababe anamariababe 7 years 8 weeks
DecemberBABY hope u wear them proud without caring, because it's all about what u care... & maybe it's time 2 get ur sister a nice Easter present... maybe the classic cardy in white. i got them and they look absolutely adorable with short pants & also with jeans.
Jinx Jinx 7 years 8 weeks
I like Uggs too. I lthought I liked the basic design best, but I am lovin the ones Nicole is wearing there! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Timing Is Everything
DecemberBaby DecemberBaby 7 years 8 weeks
*that should be buy her own.
DecemberBaby DecemberBaby 7 years 8 weeks
I love my Uggs! I don't wear them in the summer because after the winter and having my feet covered the whole time I can't wait to get into a pair of Sandals. I never wear socks with mine and I don't care what people think. My sister always finds a way to smuggle mine out of my house with her. I don't know why she won't just buy her. My friends hate them and they think it's weird that I don't wear socks but like you said it's not about what other people think!