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Ultimate Sangria Recipe (trust me)

Once you've made this the first time you pretty much will not use the recipe to make it again. Mix up the fruit choices and make it your own!!


Ultimate Sangria Recipe (trust me)


9oz. red or white wine
3oz. triple sec
3oz. apricot brandy
6oz. orange juice
3oz. Sprite
3 heaping Tbsp. chopped green and red grapes, apples, and cucumbers


Mix all ingredients together in a clear 50 oz. pitcher. Fill remainder of pitcher with ice and stir with a wooden spoon. Garnish each glass with fresh fruit slices such as green apples for red sangria or peaches for white sangria. Serves four.

q8Ebony q8Ebony 7 years 32 weeks
Thanks hun! always wanted to know how to make Sangria; especially that I was planning to have an outdoor party as soon is it cools down here in Kuwait... Im going have to replace the alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic due to religious reasons, but will keep you informed on how it tasted.... :-)