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Enough about baby registries- these are my pregnancy must-haves for the hip mama!!!

Being pregnant with my 2nd little bambino, I have found myself streamlining all the so-called essentials we are bombarded with when we find out we are newly pregnant. So I thought hard of what I can not live without and created my ultimate list of 5 Pregnant Mama Must-Haves'!!! Enough about baby registries- these are what mommy needs to survive and ENJOY the incredibly life-changing months of pregnancy!!


1. Girl short panties from Commando. Sorry, but as soon as I got pregnant the thongs got packed away in the closet.  Now I crave soft and seamless- with enough fabric to cover and support my swollen cha-cha. (I know I am not alone on this!!! Plenty of conversations over mocktini's with pregnant girlfirends have been on this subject!!)

2. Blanqi Bodystyler I knew I wanted it with my first, just had to wait for my 2nd! ;) Shaping support when pregnant- now that's just a no-brainer!! It is worn under the bust so you wear your own bra (I have gotten boobilicious and had to replace my bra size just about every other month so far), worn over unbuttoned pre-pregnancy jeans (which is amazing!!! have not bought one pair of expensive maternity denim yet) and lifts my belly bump so I can actually breath and not have a back ache while walking around) Totally an essential that replaces the belly bands & support bands, while extending your fashionable wardrobe.

3. Kitten Heels from Fornarina or Jessica Simpson. They are only 1-2" high, but just enough to make me feel a bit more fashionable and polished than flats, yet don't kill my back. Actually there was a study supporting this heel height as it took the right amount of pressure off the hips and back when pregnant! Plus those brands seem to designed much more comfortable than most heels. :)

4. Lip gloss!!!! Most women 'eat' over 9lbs of lipstick in their life- just from licking their lips!! So I am all over Josie Maran's line of cosmetics! As my face keeps getting a bit more round and my cheekbones disappear, I have found investing in some good lip plumping gloss makes me feel like I am balancing it all out. hahahha-so I know this could all be an illusion, but I say do whatever it takes to make yourself FEEL better!!

5. Refillable water bottles. We all know drinking water is vital when pregnant, but it is so easy to get wrapped up in the day forgetting when and how much to drink. I start every morning filling up about 4-5 stainless steel water bottles and popping them in my fridge. It is easy to grab one as I run out the door, and it allows me to know when I have not drank enough. May not work for everyone, but works for me! :)

So these are my favorites that I can not live without! Maybe you agree, love 'em or can think of a zillion more.....xoxox Valerie

(Valerie on the right several months ago newly pregnant)


The Commando girl shorts and BLANQI bodystyler are available with free shipping here-,search,.htm,search,.htm


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valerieloves valerieloves 5 years 39 weeks
Stephanie- I would TOTALLY put it on your registry! It's not too far fetched like power tools to assemble the baby crib would be, but is actually something helpful and essential for the pregnant mama. I say go for it! And $28 dollar panties aren't for everyone! I clip coupons and reuse plastic bags rather than buying them, but I spend what I save on nice lingerie, cool hardcover books and organic chicken. haha. We all have what our priorities are- which I think is great! :)
StephanieG23 StephanieG23 5 years 41 weeks
Thank god for your list...seriously. I've been having a really tough time feeling fabulous during this pregnancy, and everyone thinks I'm crazy for even being concerned about that. But I don't care, I think I still deserve to feel my most sexy and beautiful even during my pregnancy. So now my question for you is, do you think it would be appropriate to put a bodystyler on my baby registry on I honestly can't afford to be spending any extra money on things like that, but I really really want one :( I can add items from any store in the world to my baby registry on, so actually adding it to my wish list won't be the problem...but when people see this item on there, do you think they will be appauled or understanding? I mean, it can't hurt to put it up there, right? What are your thoughts before I add the bodystyler to my baby registry?
mstrauss mstrauss 5 years 43 weeks
I wish I knew about the Blanqi Bodystyler earlier in my pregnancy. I am almost 35 weeks so it doesn't seem worth buying one now, but it would have been nice to wear one of these from the beginning until now. I would especially love to lift this belly! It pretty much sits on my thighs when I sit down and it is so uncomfortable. I live in flats and just make sure they are super cute and polished. The #1 thing I can't live without is my amazing maternity pillow! My husband tries to steal it from me all the time. The Leacho Grow to Sleep Self-Adjusting Body Pillow is my favorite.
diggin76 diggin76 5 years 44 weeks
I would definitely add Mamatini to that list for new moms. It helps kickstart and keep your milk supply strong. It works!