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Umbrella Stroller Suggestions

Hi any suggestions for an inexpensive umbrella stroller? I have a BoB which I love but I would like something for quick trips to the mall or running errands. Any help would be appreciated :)

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3 years 43 weeks
Anyone know what brand the stroller is in the picture?
elle619 elle619 4 years 1 week
Thanks :)
4 years 2 weeks
I absolutely love my Peg Perego P3! It folds like an umbrella stroller but can hold way more weight, has parent cup holders and child tray, and understorage basket, big sunshade and you can get sunshades and rain covers too! It can also hold car seats. It's certianly more expensive than a plain ol' umbrella stroller, but there's so many advangtages. It still fits into my overstuffed vehicle and with 3 kids that's really important. It has a spot for an older child to stand if needed and a carry handle, plus the handles can extend for a taller parent! It also fully reclines for younger babies or naps.
NyckieRocks NyckieRocks 4 years 2 weeks
Check local garage sales! We got our umbrella stroller for $5, and it turns out everyone and their brother has the same one, but paid $25- $30 for it! Also, our Sears has a SUPER cute Tigger or Piglet umbrella stroller (with little ears on top) for about $25. I love having our umbrella stroller, we keep it in the car 24/7!