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It's Not a Baby Shower Without a Diaper Cake!
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Unplanned Pregnancy Cake Topper: Tasteless or Sign of the Times?

Cheeky "Oops!" cake topper in aisle four of the craft store! Is mama celebrating a shotgun wedding or a surprise pregnancy? It's hard to tell, but I spied this decoration and wondered what others would make of it. What's your take, is it tasteless to celebrate an unplanned pregnancy with brazen decorations and jokes, or just an honest sign of the times?

3 years 51 weeks
I think it is quite funny and a sign of the times mostly because if you can go out and buy something like this and actual laugh at it, the world is starting to accept some things it didn't accept before. I would want it on my cake if my pregnancy wasn't planned. I know my friends and a few of my family members would get it and then others who wouldn't. I would only suggest this for someone that has got a sense of humor or who was told by doctors that they can't get pregnant or told that the father won't be able to get her pregnant, like a happy, oh my god "Opps". Personally, I think some people would over react to this, but please note that the world is changing and changing constantly and everyone is different in there views.
3 years 51 weeks
Wow @calling unplanned preg lazy and a set up. Um, I have a friend who is one of a pair of twins conceived with a father with a vasectamy and a mother who had her tubes cut/burnt. Wow, they were really lazy. Another has three kids, first to condom failure, second on birth control pill and the third on the depo shot. And *gasp* she didn't know she was pregnant for anther two whole weeks afterward....plan B doesn't really work 2 weeks after conception. People can be so rude.
adonnam04 adonnam04 3 years 51 weeks
She is standing on a scale.... implying "UH-OH" OR "OH-MY" at her WEIGHT. Not her pregnancy. I love funny stuff, and can find humor in just about anything, and as a cake topper saying "Oops" about a pregnancy, I would find it funny but it's still tasteless (I would never use that b/c pg. women are known for our emotional crap, so why would you even hint at something negative on a good day?) . A cake topper that implies "Oops" about weight gain is very cute and funny in my book... still a little tasteless. I've seen this thing in stores, I had a chuckle, but I would not want it on my cake, nor would I put it on a friends cake.
3 years 52 weeks
If you decide to bring a kid into the world, it's planned, whether the pregnancy was or not. That said, I like funny shit; taken tongue-in-cheek, this is funny shit.
emcamm emcamm 4 years 1 day
I had a surprize pregnancy while planning my wedding. I use the rhythm method as I'm allergic to the pill and condoms irritate me. I've always had a longer cycle and ovulate around Day20 but low and behold I ovulated a full week earlier (had sex 2 days earlier) and found out we were expecting 6 weeks after we had set our date. Luckily I hadn't ordered my dress yet! We had our wedding when I was 6 months pregnant and now have a happy 2 year old.
chadsvge chadsvge 4 years 1 day
The fact is, some people to not take proper precautions when having sex,or when protection fails. I highly doubt a rape victim is going to plan a baby shower in celebration, and if one is thrown for them, the cake topper is obviously tacky. In my situation, my husband and I made a mistake in calculating ovulation, resulting in my beautiful son. We weren't dead set on not having a child, but we weren't trying for one, either. We were not upset nor devastated about the pregnancy, and for our shower, I think the cake topper would have been humorous in a tasteful way. I believe it depends on the situation.
4 years 1 day
I think this is hilarious! MOOs are up in arms because the truth hurts sometimes.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 4 years 1 day
Get a clue, anon! You're the dummy here who obviously can't read what people are saying! A lot of people don't realize that their birth control wasn't working properly until long after Plan B would be effective. And, not every rape survivor goes to the emergency room to get a rape kit. :oy:
4 years 1 day
I don't think it's either...and I think it's actually a little funny. When I got pregnant with my son, it was unplanned, due to switching my birth control from the kind used by breastfeeding mothers to the normal kind. It makes it sound like everyone thinks unplanned pregnancies are new and bad. But plenty of husbands and wives have had unplanned pregnancies. It doesn't just happen when someone's not married...I was married when I got pregnant, and I have never regretted it. I call him my little surprise. The best one I have ever gotten! :)
lickety-split lickety-split 4 years 1 day
If my bff had an unplanned pregnancy we would have a great laugh at this. Of course it would be just her and I at the party because her family would NOT see the humor, and the rest of our circle would think it was tacky.
4 years 1 day
This is a bad angle... She is actually saying oops because she broke the scale, because you know pregnant women get fat and stuff.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 4 years 2 days
Of course there's a such thing as an unplanned pregnancy! How silly to think otherwise. I think this is cute and a little tongue-in-cheek. Of course it's not for everyone, but I think it's great for the person with the right sense of humor.
4 years 2 days
I'm wondering if a woman who conceives as a result of rape and decides to keep the child is still considered lazy or a set-up. After all, there's "no such thing" as an unplanned pregnancy, she really should've been prepared!
4 years 2 days
Certainly if you're having sex, there's always a chance of pregnancy. Still, unplanned pregnancies happen, and calling it laziness or a set-up is flat out ignorance of the facts of birth control. Even the most diligent of practices have at least some window of failure, except of course for abstinence.
4 years 2 days
Actually there is such thing as an "oops" pregnancy! Laziness and setups have nothing to do with them. It's quite possible to have a failure with birthcontrol! Condoms break! Many women aren't told that when switching between different forms of contraceptives there's often a gap when you can become pregnant. Some women have reactions to some birth control pills because of the additives/fillers used in them. "Oops" pregnancies do happen and it's very rude and disrespectful to the people that find themselves in this situation and the children that arrive from it. At least most people out there who think this cake topper is adorable understand that and are interested in embracing this new surprise in their lives!
4 years 2 days
There no such thing as an "oops" pregnancy, only laziness and setups. This cake topper is stupid and yet I can see so many women thinking it's adorable. Shame on them.
4 years 2 days
Neither. There's nothing wrong with admitting a pregnancy was unplanned, and it's been happening since the dawn of time. It's not a sign of today's times. I would've loved to have this topper, it's adorable. I know I wasn't planned. My parents never said "Ugh, you were such a mistake!" They just told me that they weren't planning a pregnancy at that time, and I was the best surprise they'd ever had.