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VS coupon codes

Hi, I copied the text below from here, I thought you might be interested... particularly about the flagging of accounts...

Quick Summary Contents:
-Current Codes
-FAQ ** Please read before asking questions that may have already been answered.

Free shipping codes
With $100 purchase:

With $95 purchase:
7P1FREE (06/04/07)

SP75893 - $5 off your first purchase (05/23/07)

FREE SHIPPING W/ $100+ PURCHASE (Some codes may require the use of an Angels CC)
SP76109 (05/01/07-05/31/07 only)
VSSHIP (05/17/07)
SP75881 (05/23/07)
SP75857 (05/23/07)
SP75173 (05/25/07)
SP75197 (06/15/07)

TIERED DISCOUNT CODES ($15 Off $100+, $30 off $150+, $75 off $250+) (Some codes may require the use of an Angels CC)
SP75677 (05/23/07)
SP75917 (05/25/07)
SP75689 (06/01/07)
SP75737 (06/08/07)
SP75761 (06/15/07)

** FREE SHIPPING & TIERED CODES THAT CAN BE COMBINED ** (Please be advised that using the combination of these codes may result in discount removal or acct being flagged if pls use at your own risk)
SP75881 (will accept any method of payment)
SP75173 (will accept any method of payment)
SP75197 (will accept any method of payment)

CODES FOR CANADA RESIDENTS (These codes sometimes work for US residents - use at your own risk! )
SP75317 (?) - 10% off for Canada Residents
SP75869 (05/23/07) - 10% off for Canada Residents
$$ off coupons

Fixed discounts
SP75341 - alternate bday code $10 off

Panty Codes

Bra Codes
FA63997 $10 Off Regular Priced Bra 02/28/2007-05/31/07 (one-time use)
SP75521 - $10 Off Regular Priced Bra with use of Angels card (07/31/07)
BRA - 25% off any one bra, exp 5-17

Beauty offers

Other offers
DEAL- 25% off a single clothing item (5/17)
NORISK- Free shipping and returns on pants (5/17)
ITEM- 25% off ANYTHING(except clearance) (5/17)

Monthly offers (*requires purchase of a regularly priced item & use of angels card):
May- PASS0507 15$ off any Very Sexy Bra
June - PASS0607 Body by Victoria Ultra Smooth Seamless Panty in nude or night (stores), buff or black (catalogue), ivory, white, whisper pink or Miami tan (stores and catalogue). All styles included.
July- PASS0707- Any Body by Victoria Bra for $24.50
CODES FOR CANADA RESIDENTS (These codes sometimes work for US residents - use at your own risk! )


Q: Do I need to use my Angels card?
A: As a general rule, most offers do. These include the monthly PASS codes or $10 off Angels rewards and bday offers for sure. Codes that do not require the angels card include codes posted on the front of the VS website.

Q: Can I stack codes?
A: Yes. However some codes do not work in conjuction with each other. No more than one dollar off code, some dollar off codes do not work with free shipping codes, monthly offers, or other discounts for the same item.

Q: Can I use the same offer codes more than once in different orders?
A: offer codes may be used once only. HOWEVER, the system may accept multiple use coupons, and you can place and confirm your order with the code. BUT VS does screen orders, and have been known to cancel orders if any code has been used in excessive repetition. *Specifically, $10 off codes which are supposed to be issued on your birthday may only be used once a year. As noted above, although the system may accept multiple use, if the order is screened and its caught, they may cancel your order or void the coupon.

Q: Can I use the online codes in stores?
A: No, online offer codes may NOT be used in store.

Q:I used the $10 off coupon x amount of times. Will my order be cancelled?
A: VS has been known to cancel orders if they notice you using the code multiple times. If they notice you doing this, they will flag your account. This means that every order you place thereafter is reviewed by the Special Handlings dept, where they may remove your offer codes or cancel your order. Once you are flagged, you can pretty much count on not getting the $10 offer.*Another helpful hint regarding $10 offers for flagged accounts: when VS screens your orders, all they see is that $10 was deducted, regardless of whether it was the $10 bday coupon or a valid code such as $10 of a BBV bra. In many forumer's experience, regardless of what $10 off you use, they assume its the bday code and cancel your order. So you may want to avoid using any $10 off code otherwise you will end up having to call CS.

Q: What is a flagged account?
A: From what we all have gathered on the forums, once VS notices you using the $10 code in excess, they mark your account. Marked accounts need to go through an additional dept, the Special Processings Dept. during processing. SP checks your offer codes. If they find you to be in violation, they may cancel your order or remove the offer code. Typically your order will take significantly longer to process as a result of having to go through this dept. Your order status may be shown as "unknown" for a few weeks at most.

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wow that is really awesome! thanks for the heads up and the warnings. great codes ana!!!
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Link doesn't work but I don't think we need it. Thanks for this.