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Old Hollywood Meets Vampires

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a bridal event with my bride-to-be friend in Orange County, CA. The venue was spacious, the food was pleasant, but this eye-catching tablescape really took the metaphorical wedding cake.

OK, so it's not necessarily a "little" vignette, but it's undeniably beautiful. The designers were given the word "glamorous" as the theme. And upon conceptualizing their design, they thought of two very glamorous ideas: Old Hollywood and vampires. Apparently, Catherine, creative director of Three Petals, is a die-hard Twilight mom. She said she liked the idea of diamonds and forbidden love, velvet and bold hues of pink. I especially love the chairs!

You can see more pics of this edgy-chic tablescape here.

bluerose462 bluerose462 5 years 17 weeks
Was this the bridal show isn Brea last weekend? Pooh! I missed it! This would have been worth seeing, Im looking for something like this for my wedding. TY!!!
thutall thutall 5 years 17 weeks
I am totally loving this tablescape! It's elegant, creative and beautiful!
adtafoya adtafoya 5 years 17 weeks
Holy wow. Loves it.
cc31 cc31 5 years 17 weeks
Love it!
sillyshamoo sillyshamoo 5 years 17 weeks
Very stunning and creative!!!
SNLAMM SNLAMM 5 years 17 weeks
It's beautiful and adds a luxurious feel to the ambiance. Almost makes a girl want to get married again.
atsirhc atsirhc 5 years 17 weeks
Wow thats pretty and very unique inspiration.
lauren lauren 5 years 17 weeks
What a stunning tablescape!