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Tomato Salad & Rosé Dressing
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Vegetarian Chili

I'm finally getting a bit of cooler fall weather in my neck of the woods, so I decided to whip up a batch of vegetarian chili this week. I kept it light, going with my vegetarian recipe instead of the beef or pork ones. It is chock full of chilis and also contains beans, tomatoes, and hominy to make it a filling recipe. If you want to whip up your own batch, the recipe is posted on my site, Madd Hatter's Kitchen.

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lauren lauren 3 years 51 weeks
Oh I hope to see more of your art school education because these are stunning!
girlA girlA 3 years 51 weeks
Looks delicious!
courtneyd courtneyd 4 years 3 h
Thanks Lauren! The art school education paid off; I can make my food look super-yummy :-)
lauren lauren 4 years 1 day
great picture and tasty looking recipe!