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dakota goyo velociraptor

Status: Unsolicited Sci-Fi Material
Originator: darkwitchery
Genre: Suspense, action pack, horror, drama and adventure

Recommended Soundtrack: Days of War (experimental track) by Papa Roach –Metamorphosis album.

A velociraptor fossil was found somewhere in Eastern Mongolia and shipped off to a group of palaeontologists with their research facility located in secluded Southern California, US. Upon the arrival of the fossil, the project founder, Dr. Thomas Jane examined gingerly on the fossil. Amidst the post mortem, he inadvertently discovered some thick 1” layer of dried-out dark red liquid covering the claw part. The unknown substance was scratched and taken out as sample which to be sent for melting process. Thomas eventually uncovered from the experiment result that the substance was actually blood of another velociraptor which led him yet another theoretical speculation of two velociraptors battled out for territory. At that moment he also weighed on the revolutionary concept to study the species alive. By doing so, Thomas alongside his crew embark to generate a ‘copy’ of velociraptor out of the DNA strand acquired from the blood sample. Or in other term; cloning.

Elsewhere from the nearest town, a 15 year old teenage boy, Bradley (recommended cast: Dakota Goyo; Real Steel (photo above) alongside with his dog, Cooper rode on his self super-altered motorbike heading to where his father, Thomas worked. Bradley wasn’t like an ordinary teenagers, he was born premature, tenacious and exceptionally intelligent. He also developed some kind of special telepathic connection with his dog, Cooper, a one year old Whippet bred. Upon their arrival at the research facility, they stayed temporarily at the dormitory.

When the very first of velociraptor has been successfully bred, the baby velociraptor was locked down in a gigantic cell, surrounded by thick concrete wall while on the inside was a replication habitat of late Jurassic period. For safety assurance, six units of CCTVs have been installed and the exit of the cell was safe-guarded with a highly advance scanner device controlled by Thomas’s thumb only.

Over the times, the velociraptor has eventually full grown to approximate 6ft long, 2ft high and constantly under the watch by the crew through lab monitors.

The project result has thrived so the crew moving on to breed the 2nd generation. However it took a deadly turn when the group made one single mistake by transferring the 2nd generation into the same cell which was being resided by the first one in order to study the species co-ordination.

Some oddity turned up as the first generation abruptly ripped out the 2nd one into shreds. Thomas immediately released highly concentrated sedative gases to put the first generation into sleep. Then, he touched his thumb on the scanner device to unlock the cell to send his two palaeontologists with full PPE attire and also armed with electrocution machine guns to clean up the mess.

As they entering the premise, they watched cautiously on that first generation of raptor that attacked the 2nd one to ensure it was still lying unconsciously. While walking towards the 2nd generation to pick up the limbs pieces, one of the palaeontologists glanced back over his shoulder and it baffled them once to find the first generation – somehow disappeared. In a split second, the velociraptor stormed out of bushes and caught them off guard. It speedily jumped onto them and bit them to death. But instead of eating them, it hurled the two dead bodies directly to the cell exit in order to block the door from sliding down once Thomas’s thumb in contact with the scanner device. While standing in a distance of footages away from the exit, the ferocious velociraptor clenching its claws onto floor with its glare increasingly sharp pointed at Thomas who was still standing near the exit. Then it stomped speedily heading towards him. Thomas knew that he wouldn’t stand a chance to contain the velociraptor back to the cell so he promptly rushed out of the lab; using the emergency standard procedure to lock it up. All exits of the research facility would be shut once the door of the cell was unlocked for 15 minutes.

But Thomas underestimated to what he dealing with. While rushing halfway through the alley connected to dormitory, all of a sudden, he heard a thump noise. As he glanced over his shoulder, he was completely caught in shock to find out the velociraptor jumped and trying to smash the 4 feet high from the ground glass wall in order to break out from the lab. At that moment, he began to notice that something has to be done in order to set things right.

Thomas managed to reach at the dormitory where his son, Bradley and the dog, Cooper were staying at the moment. Soon they headed back to the lab of where the cell was located. Thomas peered to the lab through that smashed glass wall for safety precaution. Luckily there was no sign of any presence of the predator but only the two bodies of Thomas’s co-workers with two electrocution machine guns lying onto floor. It seemed clear so they crawled through that shattered glass wall into the lab. Bradley gave a hand to remove the bodies. But little they realized, the velociraptor wasn’t actually far behind, it was lurking somewhere around. Suddenly Thomas and his son were caught off guard as the velociraptor stormed into the lab through that smashed glass wall and directly jumped onto Thomas with its claw jabbed into his heart. Blood gushed out from his heart and Thomas suffered a severe injury. Bradley immediately picked up one of the electrocution guns and attacked the velociraptor. It fell down for a brief moment but then, quickly surged on its feet. While carrying the badly injured Thomas, Bradley alongside his dog climbed to the glass wall while the predator wasn’t far behind chasing them. When the velociraptor reached the top, it was a close call but Bradley electrocuted it hardly. The velociraptor tripped and fell down from 4 ft high down to the floor and buying them some time to escape.

In their new hideout inside an apparatus storeroom, Thomas warned his son that there wasn’t only one velociraptor but eight more experimental units. Each of them was being locked up in a makeshift stainless steel pound at another lab unit across the hallway.

And soon they would be outnumbered once the smart predator figured out how to free the rest of its kind. Thomas also warned his son that he mustn’t let them reach the civilization or else, it would be catastrophic. There was only one option left; that was to blow the whole building up. The explosion timer and impact on sq ft could be set through the system located at Central Control Room; but the exit to the room was still locked due to emergency standard procedure as the cell which had contained the first generation was still unlocked.

Knowing that he wouldn’t survive another run and would die soon, Thomas chopped off his own thumb as it was the key to close that particular cell that would undo the emergency standard procedure. Technically, it would buy his son an entrance to Central Control Room for the explosion setting but there was one problem that Bradley wouldn’t stand chance to outrun the speedy meat eater. Now Bradley’s one and only hope lay on his dog, Cooper, a Whippet bred that could run as fast as velociraptor (40mph). Cooper clenched its teeth on the Thomas’s thumb as what told by Bradley through telepathy and eventually sprinted to the cell to touch on the exit scanner device while Bradley waiting at Central Control Room.

Following the rest trail was the set up of the explosion at Central Control Room and it certainly wouldn’t be a huge problem for a kid with high STA score. The hardest part was how to outrun and outwit the smartest and fastest prehistoric predator that was still on loose and lurking anywhere.

Would Bradley and his dog, Cooper manage to escape from the research facility before the explosion – safe and sound? With every minute counts, their lives on stake and there was no room for any mistake…’

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darkwitchery darkwitchery 3 years 36 weeks
Peek-a-Pooch on the lovable Cooper >>>>
darkwitchery darkwitchery 3 years 36 weeks
Velociraptor - Extended Version..? Sorry some understated contents here (guess the adrenaline things got into my way) ..the full-grown first generation of the testing subject (velociraptor) as I stated '2ft' high' actually is in between the ground with its jaws in stoop position. While the height of the broken glass wall from the floor is 4 meter instead of 4ft.
darkwitchery darkwitchery 3 years 37 weeks
I had Scott Speedman or Guy Pearce to fill in my imaginary paleontologist, Dr Thomas Jane. Now what ascertain me the perfect one is Pearce with mash up of his hasty vibes from ‘Lockout’ with tenacious spirit exerted in ‘Time Machine’