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To the Victor goes the Spoils...

If your husband...your child(ren) or YOU are slacking at your household chores, financial responsibilies, workout regimine, healthy eating plan...or any other set of family-based goals...then I have the PERFECT idea for you to get everyone on the ball!
Set up a family goal board. List each person's household chores, financial responsibilities, and health plans . At the end of each week, if the member has maintained their set of duties for at least 5 out of 7 days (or more, if you want to be harder on each other), they get a reward sticker. At the end of every four weeks, if the member has maintained each of his or her duties for that month...they get the treat of thier choosing. Of course, the rules about these treats (cost, limitations,etc.) would have to be set beforehand. Knowing that their lack of progress and their procrastination will leave them empty handed at the end of the month, will surely keep everyone on their toes.

This board can be set up on a dry erase board...set up each person with enough rows to cover their duties, one misc. row if something is added, and one row for their name. There should be four columns for the four weeks in the month. In the squares that result, small felt dots or stars with reusable sticky backing can be used...

Happy chores!

You might even find yourself doing more and helping out're a sugar girl, you love to shop!

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