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Yoga for Runners - Part 2
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Singing Meets Yoga Circa 1944

I tend to think that yoga became a fitness trend in the late '90s, but these three yoginis were doing it way back when. Known as The Ross Sisters, this trio was big in the 1940s. They're adorable and boy-oh-boy are they bendy. They're also incredibly strong — check out how they can hold Forearm Stand Scorpion with what appears to be no effort at all. Although they were probably considered more contortionists or acrobats back then, many of the tricks they do you'd recognize in a yoga class. Watching this video makes me want to get myself to an Ashtanga class stat! What about you?

4 years 1 week
These girls are aged between 15, 16 and 17 here. Sadly, Dixie died aged just 33 and is buried in Gunnersbury, on the outskirts of London.
4 years 22 weeks
Give me some of that Solid Potato salad. Catsup anyone?
chloe-bella chloe-bella 4 years 34 weeks
Whoa! Those moves take an incredible amount of strength!
ThunderRose ThunderRose 4 years 34 weeks
Aww, everybody is saying they don't see any yoga? I did, maybe just because after reading the top, that was what I was looking out for... but wow, amazing! They've just got it all, huh?
Soniabonya Soniabonya 4 years 34 weeks
Holy sing, dance and contortionist Batman! That was pretty cool. I don't see too much yoga as I see Cirque de Soleil. :)
4 years 34 weeks
haha that was cute! I don't think they count as forearm stands though since their tummies are flat on the floor.
therword therword 4 years 35 weeks
Um. That was awesome (not sure about yoga though). Very informative about potato salad.
eneriyma eneriyma 4 years 35 weeks
It seems more like acrobatic dancing than yoga, even if there are recognizable yoga poses. But they are impressive.