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Virtual Coach Helps Budding Entrepreneurs Find the Right Business

Studies show more than 70 percent of the U.S. population looks to be self sufficient rather than working for somebody else. The problem: many of them call it quits before they even get started.

Anyone who has ever attempted to start their own business knows one thing for sure, there’s no lack of sales teams out there pushing them in one direction or another. Sadly, as a result, many promising would-be entrepreneurs – bombarded with get-rich-quick schemes and other hard-sell pitches – become overwhelmed with the process and wind up right back in the workforce or worse yet, the unemployment lines.

An innovative website tackles the issue head on. Just launched, is  an interactive, personalized, virtual coaching experience that breaks down barriers to the business ownership discovery process, through a combination of internet technology and customized virtual coaching.

The private planning session takes aspiring entrepreneurs on a quick journey to finding a business opportunity that meets their goals, needs and expectations – minus any “hard sells” or hidden agendas.

During the personal exploration, a warm and engaging virtual coach elicits ideal income, lifestyle, wealth and equity dreams from visitors. While defining their objectives in a series of questions, the site’s Vision Board dramatically builds on the screen allowing people to visualize what they aspire to attain through business ownership. Once the series of questions have been completed, the virtual coach helps identify the type of investment that could ultimately provide personal fulfillment.

Permitting guests to harness the flexibility and freedom that the virtual coaching experience fosters, individuals can go through this initial exploration phase of the business buying journey at their own pace and wherever they want to do it.