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Vote for Yumsugar, Fitsugar, and Geeksugar for 2007 Blogger's Choice Award!!!

I know... this has nothing to do with Savory sights, but I wanted to get your attention and tell you the news! I just saw that our very own Yumsugar, Fitsugar, and Geeksugar have been nominated for the 2007 Blogger's Choice Awards in the "Food" "Health" and "Geek" categories!

"Exercise" your right to vote for Fit!!!"Exercise" your right to vote for Fit!!!

All three are gaining in votes. Fit is currently in 2nd place... not bad! If you would like to vote, just go to

It takes about 5 seconds to register and vote.

So go ahead and "exercise" :ROTFL: your right to vote for Fit
Yum and Geek. (You can comment about the sites too, if you've a mind to. :)

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