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Celebrities At 2013 amfAR Inspiration Gala; Sharon Stone
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Rob's movie "Remember Me" is battling for THIRD place for the weekend box office! I can kind of understand his movie not outselling Johnny Depp's & Matt Damon's but the movie "She's Out of My League" could beat his movie. I have never heard of that movie and it doesn't star anyone of significance.

I saw Remember Me yesterday. Come on you all! Rob fans need to go out and support him. If movie's he carry don't make as much money as studios think they should that could affect future roles he is offered. He still has not "officially" secured the role in "Water for Elephants". This could affect that possibly!

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ChicagoShari ChicagoShari 6 years 11 weeks
I absolutely loved Remember Me. I saw it Friday afternoon by myself, Friday night with a friend, Saturday night with a different friend, and again this afternoon with my sister. It was truthfully a beautiful movie and Rob was fantastic in it. I am on spring break this week and will try to go every day to at least one performance, but the fact is it can't be just the Rob Pattinson fans who go see it. It is an excellent movie and I am angry that some of the reviews have not been strong. Other reviews seem to get it. I wish more would have focused on the excellent acting, beautiful cinematography, and beautifully crafted story line and less about it being a vehicle for Rob. That puts way too much pressure on him. He was amazing and should be extremely proud of the film. For a small budget film between 8 and 9 million is excellent in one weekend and the weekend isn't over. Those figures were posted after Friday/Saturday only. Let's wait until the Sunday box office is added to it. I think it should reach the $10 million mark. About Out of Her League, sometimes people need a laugh. It had nothing else going for it, but it looked entertaining. Too much leaked out about Remember Me. People knew going in that it was going to have a sad ending. It is going to attract serious movie goers.
Julieviggo Julieviggo 6 years 11 weeks
Don't be bummed that Remember Me came in fourth behind Out of Her League. Remember Me was in fewer theaters.
Amanda-Akay Amanda-Akay 6 years 11 weeks
I do want to support him, and I did see the movie. I cried my eyes out though!
karjul karjul 6 years 11 weeks
His birthmark looks like a hickey! Here I was envying whoever gave it to him (lol)!
audreystar audreystar 6 years 11 weeks
Spoiler alert: Rob has a cute birthmark on his back. Upper left hand side on his shouler blade.
gkngc04 gkngc04 6 years 11 weeks
I have seen this movie 3 times, even though I got free tickets for Thursday night, I still went Friday and Saturday to see the movie. It is the most moving movie that I have seen in a very, very long time. thought provoking and just an all around great movie!
kaseysmama kaseysmama 6 years 11 weeks
I just got back from my 300 mile trek to see Remember Me. It was so devestatingly beautiful. I was almost ill when I realized what was about to happen. But, no spoilers for those who are not able to see this great movie yet. We really do need to support Rob with this movie. I now understand what he meant when he said that this movie had to be made. I am glad he was the one who did it. I went last night and again this afternoon. I wish I could see it over and over again. I'm buying this one for sure. Come on everyone, let's support Rob!!
Pampire Pampire 6 years 11 weeks
I saw it yesterday too, it's very good but very sad.