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Change is Constant
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1. colic

2. First month as a mother

3. Teething problems

4. Inability to understand what your child is yabbering about (when learning to talk)

5. Sleeplessness

6. Awful excess of weight

7. First few months returning to work

8. Separation anxiety (for both mother and child)

9. Missing your child when you’re alone

10. The inability to watch a single TV program or movie right to the end uninterrupted

11. Missing out with all your unmarried, child-less friends

12. Missing out on those romantic diaper-less moments with your spouse

13. Baby giving your health shock 3 times a week

14. The first few days of weaning baby onto solids

15. Weaning baby from the breast

16. You feel like complete old hag in a disco or party.

17. First few times baby starts walking (toddling)

18. Throwing a tantrum of your own in response to your child’s

19. Clinging child when you’re tired from work or rushing to meet a deadline

20. Starting preschool

21. Employing a new nanny

22. When your teen gets his/her driving license….oohhh….the tension and stress!

23. When your teen tells you she’s got a boyfriend…worse still, she doesn’t tell you a ting and you find out about it from your neighbor