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The Walking Dead Season One Finale Review
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What Did You Think of The Walking Dead Finale?

For a show with an incredibly short first season, The Walking Dead hasn't been afraid to lay everything out on the table. In only six episodes, the series has killed off several characters and given us enough gore to turn even the strongest stomachs. The bar was set pretty high leading up to last night's episode, which made me curious to see how the first season would close.

The episode focuses on Rick and the other survivors as they enter the CDC to escape the zombies and get some answers. At first, the place is like paradise, with working hot showers and enough wine to get everyone intoxicated. But things quickly turn into a ticking time bomb — both literally and figuratively. Shane's resentment toward Rick and Lori explodes, Andrea can't shake her sister's death, and the CDC doctor is acting a little strange.

While the episode doesn't pack a ton of action, it's definitely intense (the similarities to Lost seemed more apparent than ever). I would've liked more information regarding other survivors or a cure, but there was one cliffhanger that will keep me tuning in for next season: what does Dr. Jenner whisper in Rick's ear? Chime in with your theories on their secret and on the episode in general. And don't forget to check out out The Walking Dead Fans group in the BuzzSugar Community.

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3 years 39 weeks
Michonne is a fantastic character in the comics but I'm not sure if they will bring her into the TV show, I know Tyrese's character is appearing in the next season tho, My guess is the Doc told Rick that Lori's up the duff! Very enjoyable series but far too short
glynislily glynislily 3 years 40 weeks
I was so happy to see the CDC blow up. I am OK that they are deviating from the comic, but I just felt that if we were going to be stuck underground for awhile I may go crazy. I agree with #2. Jenner was sure he was the last person on earth, so it was probably about other survivors. I hope they bring in Michonne next season. She was one of the best things to happen to the comic.
Choco-cat Choco-cat 3 years 40 weeks
i'm enjoying the show, but have to say the comics are better - read them if you haven't already. i'm going to guess that the doctor whispered something about where the group should go next.
3 years 40 weeks
Run Down of Theories #1 Whoever said that Dr. Jenner whispered that Lori is pregnant is probably 99.99999% accurate--unless the tv show is planning on deviating from the comics. #2 I read a theory somewhere that Dr. Jenner whispered that Shane tried to rape Lori because he saw it on the security tapes. Eh...MAYBE. Not likely, but hey, at least it's plausible. #3 That the doctor knew where people were hiding. seemed like the doc felt that he was the only person left on the planet, which is why he was somewhat surprised when the group showed up at the complex. I doubt that he whispered directions because WHY the secrecy? Why not come out and say it? #4 All variants of someone being infected. Nope. If someone was infected, Jenner would have had them quarantined. Why do a blood test, find an infected person, and then not do anything about it? #5 The funniest one ever. Rick is actually a different form of a walker bc he was not eaten at the hospital and woke up. LOL. Wow...I think Dr. Jenner would have had a keen interest in studying and examining Rick, even with the limited time due to electricity running out, if Rick somehow carried an immunity. Jenner whispered something to Rick that is a secret, confidential, and something that will cause drama in the next season. When Rick said something about being grateful for being let out, Jenner replied that soon Rick wouldn't be. The most plausible explanation for this is finding out that Lori is pregnant. The drama that will ensue when Lori finds out she is pregnant, and see's Rick so happy, ignorant of the fact that it's probably Shane's is going to be epic. Oh, and if Shane finds out about the pregnancy? C'mon. This theory wins.
3 years 40 weeks
I think he whispered that there might be others alive out there, so they can have some direction or semblance of hope! If not, why would they run if they knew their fate? That doctor was so depressed over his wife, he did not want to go anywhere.
Datura2112 Datura2112 3 years 40 weeks
Great Finale, was on my seat for the end! Since I haven't read the comic I can't say for sure but I am guessing a pregnancy, maybe an illness and something about the disease. Makes me want to go out and buy the comics now even though I know that some things are different in the tv show than in the comics.
Lavinie Lavinie 3 years 40 weeks
OMG! i love this show! i can't believe season 1 is over... so sad. All i kept asking myself was what did the doctor say?! what did the doctor say?! hahaha... i did think it had something to do wtih lori and shane...can't wait till season 2- does anyone know when exactly it starts?
bethany0403 bethany0403 3 years 40 weeks
I agree with anonymous #2. Can you imagine the ramifications that is going to have next year? That scene between Lori and Shane was so intense. He is getting harder and harder to feel sympathetic towards. I was glad Dale and Andrea made it out and cannot believe I have to wait nearly a year for more Daryl! The way he decapitated that zombie was hot! Who ever thought I would be hot for a racist, redneck?
3 years 40 weeks
Anonymous #2 I think you're right. Lori is pregnant w/Shane's kid. ZOMG!
3 years 40 weeks
I think he whispered that some of Rick's people have been infected {blood tests} and I belive it is more than one person....maybe lori and carl....remember when in the city and they smeared zombie guts all over to walk thru the zombies to get guns...wellRicjk said as they were smashing axes into zombie..."be careful not to get any on your skin or in your eyes". Well when zombies raided the camp everyone had blood all over them...zombie and human. Infected. Lori is pregnant also.
suzpuz suzpuz 3 years 40 weeks
I thought it was great! Definitely sad that the season was so short though!
3 years 40 weeks
I think that Jenner whispered the Lori is pregnant in Ricks ear (Hence blood tests). Thats gonna make the plot go crazy directions when they (most likely) find out that it is Shane's.
3 years 40 weeks
I am betting that the good Doctor told Rick that the virus will soon be airborn. Best show on tv. Sorry to see the season end.