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Watermelon Basket

Watermelon Basket Supplies

For this task we will need:
a large knife
a thin serrated or a craft knife
a non-toxic marker
and if you have a melon-ball tool, or an ice cream scoop, that will come in handy
Choosing a Watermelon

For a basket, you want a watermelon with a flattish bottom so it won't roll around. Place the flat side down, it should be a creamy yellow color. That's one of the signs that it is ripe.
Draw Lines on the Watermelon

Find the middle and with your marker go a little above the middle and draw a line around the melon. This will help us when we cut. Go to the top of the melon and draw two lines equidistant from the center, to make the handle of the basket. Draw them all the way from one side to the other.

Carve Out the Lines

Use a large sharp knife and slice the watermelon from the top down to the horizontal line. Insert your knife into the watermelon near the handle and cut out toward the end. Do this for both sides. Carefully remove both upper halves of the watermelon.

Cut Out the Basket Handle

To remove the flesh of the fruit from your basket's handle, slice inward around the rim of the watermelon. Now press firmly to push the fruit out.

Scoop Out Remaining Watermelon

If you have an ice cream or a melon-ball scoop use that to take it out. With your small knife, trim along the side. Don't forget to grab the flesh from the halves we cut off to use in your basket.

Carve Out Decorative Shapes

To make a more impressive basket, you can use cookie cutters to draw shapes around the melon. With your thin knife, cut out the shapes. You can cut shapes along the handle and along the sides.

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