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Thanksgiving Day Outfit Idea's Part 1: Casual Chic for Brunch
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For the Wedding, I will be Wearing...

Beauties, thanks again for helping me pick out what I should wear to a wedding. Honestly, I'm beginning to love the fact that you're all getting to have a say-so about what's in my wardrobe, and for my next special occasion, I'll surely be asking for your opinions once more. I still love the top from Forever 21 that you all selected for me, and I actually wore it for an important online video, which will be posting to the site soon.

The votes are in, and 45% of you voted for the dress below, and I couldn't be happier with your decision!

Now I have to sit back and wait for Asos to ship all the way from the UK to the little old town that I live in. Since I've never bought clothes from the UK, I certainly hope it fits! Whatever the case, you can bet I'll be squeezing into it on June 11, even if I have to wear the tightest Spanx I can find. Overall, do you love it? I sure do!

ASOS Gathered Shoulder Soft Drape Dress

$76.09$45.65 at Asos