Welcome to My Group!

As a card-carrying pop culture aficionado, it's hard not to scoff when you hear your clueless friends stumble all over the names of your favorite celebs.  The name of the group takes inspiration from a friend, who's mom is constantly referring to real-life Edward Cullen as "Robert Patterson."  Yes, she's not the only one who's done it, and it's just the tip of the iceberg.  That's just one side of it though — sometimes my loved ones maket hilarious observations on pop culture that are just too good not to share.


kaylade22 kaylade22 6 years 8 weeks
My Mom Loves Robert Pattinson.....VERY TRUE. I am in love with Robert Thomas Pattinson....as a person, not all his fame & fortune. He could just be a musician & I would still be all-over the young man....very sexy, & even has a personality. There is more to a person than just the outside...there is more inside; that is where you should look first.