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What Are Advanced Options?

You will see an Advanced Options link on all post types under the Body. When you click on the link, the dropdown includes Categories, Tags, Search Title, Rating, and Publishing Options.

  • Categories are a way to categorize your posts with a general topic (eg: Eye Makeup, Models, Baking).
  • Tags are a way to categorize posts with an even more specific topic (eg: Mascara, Kate Moss, Cupcakes).
  • Search Title is the way google and other search engines find your great content. Of course you can still have your wonderfully creative title but your search title should be much more descriptive and a full sentence.
  • Ratings are a way for you to turn your post into a review and include the number of stars you would give the product, movie, tv show, etc.
  • Publishing Options:
Create Public Post — all members of the Sugar Network can see this post
Create a Private Post — only members of the specific group will be able to see it


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Community-Manager Community-Manager 5 years 3 days
Hi ummmyeahh, can you please provide the link of the post? Thanks!
ummmyeahh ummmyeahh 5 years 4 days
how can I delete a post?
Community-Manager Community-Manager 6 years 38 weeks
Hi mwah mwah, Go to the group page, on the top click on group name drop down and pick Group Settings. At the bottom of that page you will be able to delete your group but please know this cannot be undone.
mwah-mwah mwah-mwah 6 years 38 weeks
how to delete a group?