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What is the Best Acne Scar Removal?

Okay my fellow Sugars... I have a question for you. A month or so ago I got two pimples on my cheek (which is odd I don't get them very often)... well they are now technically gone but the marks are still there. Is there any cream I can use to get rid of them??? They are driving me nuts. Thanks!

silvercoco silvercoco 8 years 40 weeks
i have dark spots from all the times i have popped my pimples and have been wandering what will get rid of these because even though my face is clearing up the dark spots look like pimples and it looks like my skin hasnt made any progress. i need help for finding the right treatment that will work on relving my post acne scars thanks
mlen mlen 8 years 40 weeks
thanks for the tips- i am pale and always have red marks after they go away- i'll try the murad or the neutrogena next time
galpal galpal 8 years 40 weeks
Sorry for the delay TCHAN, I was away last week. I use the cleanser, the lotion ans then the post acne lightening serum. I really like their products.
kiwitwist kiwitwist 8 years 41 weeks
I will let you guys know! Thanks everyone!
lady_jade lady_jade 8 years 41 weeks
i used neutrogena's acne mark fading peel ($12ish)and could tell a difference immediately-granted my skin is pale and the marks were reddish in color...but I've had good luck with porcelana fade cream ($5ish) as well. good luck and let us know what works for you!
tchan01 tchan01 8 years 41 weeks
galpal I just looked on Sephora's website. It looks like it could be a good brand, are there are products you use? Which one is the scar serum you use, it looks like there are 2 (acne spot treatment or post acne post lightening gel).
alysin23 alysin23 8 years 42 weeks
put a glob of neosporin with a band-aid over it before bed & leave it on all night
galpal galpal 8 years 42 weeks
Murad has a serum to fade acne scars/discolorations. Sephora carries it and it is amazing.
rothchild rothchild 8 years 42 weeks
oh i forgot to say i've gotten laser treatments for dark spots..definitely works but very expensive..
little_one little_one 8 years 42 weeks
definitely Mederma!
Vannuccia Vannuccia 8 years 42 weeks
I live in the UK at the moment, so I get it from Boots- but most chemists stock it. It's just under £9 for 60ml, but a little goes a long way. It's also meant to be really good for stretch marks and uneven skin tone. I've seen some reviews on 'Make-up alley' for Bio-oil if anyone's interested.
cg2003 cg2003 8 years 42 weeks
where can we get bio oil?
Vannuccia Vannuccia 8 years 42 weeks
I've just started to use Bio-oil. I've been using it now for just over a week and it's slowly starting to fade the red blemishes left on my cheeks from past acne outbreaks.
rothchild rothchild 8 years 42 weeks
i was just about to post on this group and ask the very same question..i don't mind the pimples themselves but what i really dread are the dark scars they leave forever...i have used the hydroquinine formula that hellena mentions and retin-a which has helped but is very harsh..anyone else have anything that has worked for them?
ccsugar ccsugar 8 years 42 weeks
I've found that Clinique's Acne Solutions Emergency Gel-Lotion works really well to get rid of the remaining bump and redness.
Hellena25 Hellena25 8 years 42 weeks
...I guess it depends on what color the old-zit-mark is: is it brownish or reddish? If it's brownish, your best bet is to use a 2% hydroquinone formula, and a gentle cleanser with AHAs until the mark fades (make sure you have no sensitivities or allergies to these products first). If the mark is a little bit red, try a cream with niacinimide or kojic acid....however, pay CLOSE attention to the expiration dates of products containing these two ingredients; they tend to "spoil' quickly because they're naturally derived... If all else fails, hit the dermatologist for some Tri-Luma cream. 8 weeks of that will leave you fresh faced and glowing