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What Is Rich Text?

If you already love to use the HTML code you have stored in your brain, use Raw HTML. If you prefer to not memorize all of the HTML codes, use our Rich Text Editor bar. You can toogle between raw html and rich text by clicking on the link below the body of the post. The Rich Text Editor is the bar of icons on top of the main text field. It has several buttons that allow you to easily create content for your post.

What does each button do?

  • Bold: This button will bold your text.
  • Italic: This button will italicize the text.
  • Underline: This button will underline your text.
  • Strike Through: This button will strike through your text.
  • Align Left: This button will align your text and images to the left.
  • Align Center: Clicking this button will center your text and images.
  • Align Right: Clicking this button will align your text and images to the right.
  • Align Full: Clicking this button will justify your text and images to the width of your text column.
  • Unordered List: This will create an indented unordered/bulleted list.
  • Ordered List: This will create an indented numbered/ordered list.
  • Undo: This will undo your last text change.
  • Insert/Edit Link: This will put a link into text. Tip: Try highlighting the text you want to turn into a link before clicking this button. It will pop open another window where you can choose whether you want to open the link in a new window or the same.
  • Remove Link: Click this button to remove a link from your post. It is easier to highlight the text you want to remove the link from first.
  • Font Size: Choose your font size from the dropdown menu. Tip: Try selecting your text first.
  • Text Color: This button allows you to change the color of your text by selecting a color from the dropdown palette.
  • Background Color: Change the background color of your text by selecting a color from the dropdown palette.
  • Insert Embedded Media: Clicking this button will pop open another box that allows you to easily include other types of media files.
  • Check Spelling: Clicking this button will run a spell check on your text.
  • Add Image: Clicking this button will launch our Image Uploader.

Note: You can toggle between raw HTML and Rich Text anytime. The system will actually remember which format you last used. So if you last edited a post in HTML, your next post will be automatically set to HTML. If you want to switch back, all you have to do is click the link. To switch views, just click the link underneath the body box. Doing so will toggle the content directly in the body box. And remember, to embed code into your post (such as youtube videos, etc.) or insert HTML yourself, you need to be in raw HTML mode.

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Community-Manager Community-Manager 4 years 52 weeks
@ Teodoroa, you don't need to download rich text, just toggle from raw html to the next edit mode which is rich text when you are creating a post. Let me know what kind of post you are creating and if you don't see the feature, I can email you a screenshot. :-)
Teodoroa Teodoroa 5 years 35 m
How can I find this "Rich text" ? I have to download it or something...
Community-Manager Community-Manager 6 years 12 weeks
@Yogaforlife, check out my post here for further tips on using Rich Text Editor and let me know if you have any questions.
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 6 years 12 weeks
Where do I click "Rich Text Editor"? I don't see where to click it.