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How to get the campfire smoke out of my hair?
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What Are Your Most Disastrous Teenage Grooming Memories?

Reminiscing with childhood friends recently, I was reminded of one of my early teenage grooming habits. When I was 13 or 14, I used to slick Vaseline on my unruly eyebrows in order to tame and "shape" them. Why would I do this, you ask? Well, I got the idea from my equally bushy-eyed best friend. Eventually, my mother grew tired of my shiny brows and sent me to a waxer, but my Vaseline habit made for some interesting yearbook pictures. It's funny to look back on teenage trial and error, and even the best groomed among us has gotten a bad tip or two. Share your funniest teenage beauty bloopers in the comments below—there's no need to be embarrassed, and it's totally cathartic.

bluesapphire1 bluesapphire1 1 year 14 weeks
In high school, I had a brilliant idea of using egg whites as a face mask and left them on overnight without washing my face. The following morning, I woke up with brown spots on my cheeks and to this day are still visible. Never again!
3 years 36 weeks
Jolen's Creme Hair Bleach for a moustache I was already developing as a teen. Then to make it worse, I decided to bleach my eyebrows to match my blonde hair! Orange Eyebrows for most of my senior year! Mayonaisse as an at home deep conditioner, I had read it in one of my "teen" magazines, they didn't specify that you should use cool or luke warm water to rinse it out. I was picking cooked eggs out of my hair for hours! Pink and purple eyeshadow at the same time, with an unskilled hand I looked like I had a black eye! Not tweezing my eyebrows, thankfully I discovered waxing by the time I was 20.
LittleMzFit LittleMzFit 3 years 36 weeks
I put Sun-in on my dark hair & it turned it a reddish orange color. I should have left it on longer or used it a few more times!
MissSushi MissSushi 3 years 37 weeks
lol. these are funny. I never had any things i did reguraly, becuase i was always a tomboy type as far as makeup and grooming go. But one year, around 11, before i started plucking, I decided to try trimming my very long and thick eyebrows. I took a comb and scissors, combed it through, and cut UNDER the comb.. I ended up with almost no eyebrows, cut it right to the skin. My mother laughed at me for weeks. Though, when i did start plucking, I plucked too thin to make them match a scar in my left eyebrow, and I wish they were thicker now.
KeLynns KeLynns 3 years 37 weeks
I wish I understood how bras and shirts were supposed to fit back then. I wore my bras way too small and my shirts way too big. Also, at my school you had to wear nylons with skirts - I would find the tannest nylons I could and wear those (even though I am actually SUPER pale). It was like my bottom half belonged to a totally different person. And I sweated a lot in high school, and I would have pit stains all the time. It was awful. I don't even know what antiperspirant I used in high school, but it was probably whatever was on sale or at the dollar store. In actuality I should have been using something super heavy duty!
inlove23 inlove23 3 years 37 weeks
Sun In left my hair with a random two-tone color, smearing my entire face with roll-on *bonnebell* glitter, using foam (shudder) self tanner, needless to say I become a streaky orange blob, and too much eyeliner on year (punk rock look). I am SO glad those days are long gone. lol
3 years 37 weeks
Where do I begin....too much Sun In, wearing eye shadow as lip stick, blue, purple and green mascara, crimped hair and frosted lip stick (which made everyones teeth must more yellow).
fuzzles fuzzles 3 years 37 weeks
Bleaching my already blonde hair to nearly white. Add a longish Billy Idol spiked 'do and several black streaks. Mix and rinse. Don't repeat. Ever.
mmmarishka mmmarishka 3 years 37 weeks
My worst mistake is that once I got carried away while plucking my eyebrows and one of them turned out about half the length of the other. I have naturally well-shaped eyebrows and I like them very much so this was really bad.
3 years 37 weeks
In eighth grade, my mom plucked my eyebrows for the first time... you would have thought I had done it myself! They turned out to be too far apart and very VERY thin! It took a year for them to grow back in! The funniest thing ever was when I decided to groom my "hair" down there... I started trimming away and actually cut a piece of SOMETHING off! I was laughing so hard I was crying! My mom and aunt were hysterical because they thought something was wrong with me... because I was unable to explain why I was crying with blood all over my hands! I think they must have thought I was trying to commit suicide or something, but it took a couple of minutes to catch my breath enough to explain! I just didn't want hairs hanging out the side of my bikini...
Tabloid Tabloid 3 years 37 weeks
went to*
Tabloid Tabloid 3 years 37 weeks
I saw my uncle shaving his moustache with those cream on his face and I find it so funny and cool that when the bathroom was free, I went in to do it too. Damned..
poizenisxkandee poizenisxkandee 3 years 37 weeks
1) bronzer as all face powder. i'm naturally tan it's all the same 2) i thought i had a unibrow so i took a razor to it. shaved off half of one eyebrow 3) borrowed my mom's eyeshadow. powder blue and steel grey. all the way up to my one and a half eyebrows 4) punk phase. black eyeliner. all over my lower lash line/inner rim and upper lashline smudged out as shadow. i went through one covergirl eyeliner every 2 weeks. no. joke. 5) so dark it was almost black purple lipstick. love the look still' but on a 13 year old with no skill? fail. 6) used toner i found in my mom's bathroom as remover. ouch, caused painful breakouts.
wolfpackgal wolfpackgal 3 years 37 weeks
I wore silver glittery lipstick in 7th grade, I looked like Ke$ha! Also, my friend thought it would be a good idea to curl my hair with a bristled curling iron - we had to cut a huge chunk of my hair one inch from the root because it got stuck!
FrankiLee FrankiLee 3 years 37 weeks
I plucked my eyebrows WAYYY too thin. I am still having to pencil in certain areas that never grew back. Giant mistake!
3 years 37 weeks
I wore banana clips..ok enough said..
HellBombBettie HellBombBettie 3 years 37 weeks
I had hair so big it would put Snookie to shame! I actually carried around a giant can of Aqua Net everywhere I went!
ashleyheatherr ashleyheatherr 3 years 37 weeks
I had my eyebrows waxed too thin...I look back now and I think to myself, why did I do that to myself?? I thought that I looked good! Glad to know that I'm not the only one who has made mistakes like that!
genopatt genopatt 3 years 37 weeks
um, shiny blue eyeshadow is not a blue-eyed girls friend. thankfully, we parted ways after middle school.
theglossarie theglossarie 3 years 37 weeks
does anyone remember sea breeze astringent?! i used to soak my face in that stuff and cry my eyes out from how badly it burned. i'm pretty sure it only made my acne 100 times worse. god BLESS my discovery of exfoliation 10 years later :)
spacecadet62 spacecadet62 3 years 37 weeks
I used to use Sun In when I was10. I also used to trim my bangs sometimes. I was not very good to my hair.
postmodernsleaze postmodernsleaze 3 years 37 weeks
I fancied myself a bit of a punk rocker the first half of high school and I remember my best friend and I trying to do the anti-beauty thing and fry our hair. We wouldn't use conditioner, would use heating tools like crazy, and would incessently dye it black. We'd actually check eachother's hair for its dryness. I don't know, I guess silky hair doesn't hold the Edward Scissorhands look very well?
3 years 37 weeks
I used to pull out all my lashes (bad bad habit!), and I would try to cover it up with really heavy black eyeliner all around my very small eyes.
onlysourcherry onlysourcherry 3 years 37 weeks
I used to have these big bangs that I curled into a tube-shape on my forehead.