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Buh-Bye, Gym! Tips For Transitioning From the Treadmill to the Road
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What's Your Favorite Sneaker Brand?

I usually choose sneakers based on fit, style, and price, but my heart remains true to a few brands I fell in love with when I first started running, including New Balance, Nike, and Saucony. If you had to choose just one brand of sneaker, which would be your fave?

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skinnyrunner skinnyrunner 6 years 1 week
I used to run in Asics but now am a Mizuno lover.
kimmyk10 kimmyk10 6 years 2 weeks
I have always ran in Asics or Nike, but I just bought my first pair of Mizunos a couple weeks ago. They are quickly becoming the best running shoes I've owned, far better than any Nikes I've ran with!
neonbrite neonbrite 6 years 3 weeks
Mizuno's and thinking about switching to Nike to save some money on the next pair as knee pain and shin splints are a big issue for me. Love that I have that multiple pain issues in my early 20s
annielo32 annielo32 6 years 7 weeks
I've had adidas, asics, saucony and nike and my favorite for both comfort and ability to hold wear and tear is definitely asics. My favorite for distance running by far.
Rigatoni Rigatoni 6 years 8 weeks
Asics pwnage.
kgtkgt kgtkgt 6 years 8 weeks
I have been wearing the Asics 2130 series since Jan and will only change when they upgrade. I think I might try the new 2150 s
DivaDivine DivaDivine 6 years 9 weeks
I feel like some cultish hipster because I love my Ryka's. They're the only brand I've used in the past 4 years.
NurseKimberly NurseKimberly 6 years 9 weeks
Under Armour
Linda-McP Linda-McP 6 years 9 weeks
New Balance tops my list.
Spectra Spectra 6 years 9 weeks
New Balance--They're reasonably priced and they work the best for me because I overpronate a LOT.
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 6 years 9 weeks
I'm a Saucony girl - for me they work way better than Nike, Adidas or New Balance when it comes to preventing shin splints. I'm not a regular runner yet so I haven't tried any of the more expensive brands.
insanitypepper insanitypepper 6 years 9 weeks
I'm on my first pair of Brooks & am so in love with them.
julea julea 6 years 9 weeks
Usually, Asics or Saucony, but I recently got the NIke LunarGlide (in purple!), and am in LOVE with them. I never bought Nikes before because they didn't ever fit my feet as well as Asics or Saucony. I don't know that I'm permanently "on the Nike side", but these are awesome. :)
hlj504 hlj504 6 years 9 weeks
I chose New Balance since I love my NB running shoes...but my cross trainers are Under Armour - and I adore them!
clearskies clearskies 6 years 9 weeks
I love asics! I would say for moderate runnings they are perfect! Brooks are a little more sturdy for hard core runners, they seem to hold up longer.
califab califab 6 years 9 weeks
I wanted Asics to work so badly for me, I bought 2 pairs and they felt comfortable when I put them on, but they gave me blisters in like 3 places, and a small cyst on the top of my tendon(that went away when I switched back to Brooks). I love Brooks, they are super comfortable, but I feel like for how expensive they are, they wear down a bit faster than they should. So I buy 3 pairs at a time on overstock or sierra trading post whenever there is a sale.
chillchic chillchic 6 years 9 weeks
I've worn Asics before but my main brand is the always reliable, Nike.
michlny michlny 6 years 9 weeks
My whole life I was a die hard Nike fan....I just switched over to Asics.
kclulu kclulu 6 years 9 weeks
I have been a fan of Asics for years now, they are the only running shoe I will wear because there is never any breaking in period and they fit perfectly.
kimmieb124 kimmieb124 6 years 9 weeks
Nike. I have wide feet and the Nike shoes are the most comfortable I have found for my feet. They also offer great support which helps my knees.
laellavita laellavita 6 years 9 weeks
i bought the nike lunarglide on a whim and will never look back. my shin splints are practically gone and plus, they come in really fun colors.
Ayu Ayu 6 years 9 weeks
I was quite satisfied with Adidas, but bought Salomon trail running shoes for this winter and I love them even more.