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What about your post-pregnancy belly?

As a mom to (soon-to-be) three children I can relate to wanting my body back FAST after having a baby. Luckily 4 years ago after the birth of my son I was able to work with a plastic surgeon and OB to develop a system of post-pregnancy garments that are medical based and that WORK! They are seamless under clothing, come in 3 styles to compress not only your tummy but hips, thighs, bum, and legs. Anti-microbial fabric makes them wonderful for c-section births and immediate post-pregnancy.

We are looking for 5 pregnant mommies that will keep a diary of their 6 weeks post-partum and wearing out Wink garments. You will need to take weekly pictures and send them to us to use for the web site and marketing BUT you also will get FREE WInk Belly Bands garments :) (how cool is that)!!!

Email us at to be entered for the drawing to become one of the lucky 5!!

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Mom23 Mom23 4 years 44 weeks
I love Wink! I have been wearing it for about 7 months now. My posture has improved and my tummy has reduced since. I think every woman who is serious about shapewear should have at least one of this! This is one serious kickass compressions garment. Oh, did I mention it is extremely comfortable too?!
cupcakedreams cupcakedreams 6 years 10 weeks
that looks really interesting... can women who haven't had kids in a while still wear them?
WinkatMe WinkatMe 6 years 11 weeks
It is a medical compression garment so it's different from a Spanx type garment. Our garments are made to engage tissue and skin, reduce swelling, help with muscle control vs. a spanx type garment that just smooths while you wear it only. Also wink garments are anti-microbial and supfer soft for all day wear. They wont get itchy :)
Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 6 years 11 weeks
Now, does this garment help your body regain its original shape, or is it like Spanx?