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What do I do if I need to make guacamole today, but all the avocados in the store are hard?

LittleMzFit LittleMzFit 5 years 29 weeks
There is a kind that comes already made in a vacuum sealed package (in refrigerated section near produce) that is pretty good, in a pinch! Don't buy the kind in the tub. It's yucky!
lauren lauren 6 years 6 weeks
mokba43, those are great tips. I will have to give it a try! I know you can also sometimes buy avocados in the freezer dept of stores and those are usually pretty ripe. I have used them in a pinch! Good luck!
mokba43 mokba43 6 years 6 weeks
try and find the "softer" ones, wrap them in newspaper and put them in a plastic bag in the warmest place of your house, yet away from a direct heat source. This will speed up the ripening effect, you can add a banana in the newspaper, but if they are rock hard is hardly likely for them to soften up so quickly. Another way to trick them into an avocado is using a potato ricer to mash them up, this will break them easier and the chunks will be so small it will be harder to feel how hard they were to start with! Good luck!