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Bands I love, Part 2: Wir sind Helden
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What epilator brand you prefere?

Don't you hate the ta-bu that European girls don't do depilation especially underarm? That is so NOT TRUE and who ever came up with that joke is so wrong!!!
Our 3 most important companies that make great products in the field of shaving and depilation are Philips - Netherlands, and Germany's Braun and Rowenta.
Philips has this stunning product called Satinelle Ice Premium that will help you reduce the pain with ice and sonic massage. Costs around € 90. It also has the removable head for exfoliation and shaving. Braun competes with Satinelle by bringing us new line of depilation devices called Silk Epil Xelle and their main trump-card is massage system that reduces pain and amount of hair that their product removes at one lineament. The cost is about the same as Philips Satinelle.
Rowenta has much cheaper depilation devices, and they have the system for reducing the pain with cool air that flows to your skin.
In my opinion it's better to chose Philips or Braun for depilation, and Rowenta for taking care of your hair at your head :D (Fans, irons, curl devices... )

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Bands I love, Part 2: Wir sind Helden Do you know "PostCrossing"?
tati33 tati33 8 years 42 weeks
damn these are expensive!!
haute-kitty haute-kitty 8 years 44 weeks
Those look painful. I like Bic's.
Performita Performita 8 years 45 weeks
Bellamy, you could say I am from East europe, East-south to be precise and I also don't know a single woman who does not shave underarms. I really wonder where lissa found those women :D
Bellamy1 Bellamy1 8 years 45 weeks
The Philips Satinelle Ice is KING. And seriously, don't know ANYBODY who doesn't shave under their arms. Maybe you were in Eastern Europe?
lissa25 lissa25 8 years 45 weeks
i wasn't trying to provoke, so don't be all defensive. i'm just saying what i've seen the many times i've been to europe, some women do remove hair, yes, but many don't, and it seems more common in parts of Europe to not shave, than I've ever seen in the US.
Performita Performita 8 years 45 weeks
Lissa, sorry but that provocation will not upset us :P WE DO OUR DEPILATION... Any Urban Euro girl does :D
lissa25 lissa25 8 years 45 weeks
i don't know. when i was in europe i saw an awful lot of hairy armpits!
kh312 kh312 8 years 45 weeks