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What to pack for my husband's "lunch"?!

my husband works in a prison. He has no formal lunch break and no access to a refrigerator. he keeps any food that he brings in his pockets (theyre pretty big pockets). So far the only things I have gotten him that he likes are trail mix and beef jerky. Does anyone else have any suggestions on what i can pack him? It must be able to go into a clear ziploc bag. Also, please make it filling, not just carbs!

hearo hearo 4 years 34 weeks
Are you kidding me?? Endless variety (and amount) of sandwiches, pastry, fruit should do it
Mimikins Mimikins 4 years 46 weeks
Hi Tiani, You could try cold sandwiches (like salami, pork, cheese and some pickles) That is what I usually do when I can't pack a hot lunch/dinner. Michelle. http://barefootcookingwithinagarten.onsugar.com