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What should I do

My ex is my private dance instructor. He is not affiliated with any studio but he is now pressing me for sex. I don't know anything about him since we broke up months ago. I am completing my lesson package deal and have solely three remaining lessons left. The three lessons are worth less than $100 altogether.

I have declined his invitation for sex and he has been blackmailing with nude pictures I sent him when we were together. He is threatening to send them to people I know including co-workers at my job. All I want is my lessons but this request of his appears to be standing in the way.

In addition, he has been verbally abusive towards me and has lacked professionalism in terms of making set days and times. I have been now waiting for my three lessons for close to a month.

Any advice would be helpful. I'm worried as to what will come next.

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annbaby annbaby 3 years 27 weeks
Less than $100 is something I would personally just give up. Like kurni said, keep the emails/texts of him blackmailing you. If he blackmails you verbally, you should record the conversation from the phone, or just use an mp3 player to record it in person. Then simply tell him (NOT while you are physically with him) that you have this as proof (email him a copy) and that if he ever actually sent out your nudes, you will send his blackmailing evidence to the police.
Bubbles12 Bubbles12 3 years 28 weeks
This isn't a problem if you don't interact with him. $100 is worth walking away from this mess. No explanations, no return texts, just disappear. If he has a boss, then I'd go to him with the emails. Restraining order is smart, statistically they keep men who are just annoying away. In the big picture if he send the pics people will be repulsed by him. And you probably look cute nude, so just shrug your shoulders, have a few quick one-liners about how cute you are but you'll never do that again and let it be. And don't do that again. :)
kurniakasih kurniakasih 3 years 28 weeks
Um. Are you the same person who posted a few months ago? It's very familiar (the problem). If I were you, I'd keep his texts/e-mails/communication of him threatening you/blackmailing you about these pictures and file a report to the police. Under no circumstance you should even be meeting him, contacting him, not even to complete the 3 private lessons or for any other thing. Consider that gone and pursue lessons from professionals who doesn't blackmail you and has a studio backing (aka valid instructor not a fly-by-night instructor like your ex). I know this may not work, but get a protective order or restraining order for him to quit contacting you. If you have any contract with him in regard of lessons, and has proof over that you can always pursue it via small-claims court, but in my experience, the cost to file is over $100.