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What's In your Deodrant ?

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I yesterday found out that some of the leading brands of deodrant like secret , have something really bad for you in them . It's Aluminum a toxic element that has many effects on your brain , bones , and body. deodrant with aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer's disease , which is a brain disorder due to high concentrations of metal . look for a deodrant that has no aluminum.

by natasha durel

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ktfeeney ktfeeney 7 years 37 weeks
I use Tom's of Maine, the lavender smells SOOOOOOO good! It's kinda expensive but my grandpa has Alzheimers and there's not way I'm messing around with chemicals like that!
heckyesitseMiLY heckyesitseMiLY 8 years 1 week
hmm, i use axe, i know its 4 guys, but it smells soo good! all my friends use it too! xD
cherrypie61 cherrypie61 8 years 4 weeks
well got Dove and Rexona. Both of them have aluminium!!!! i'm afraid all of the brands have it too. brb. i'll check my mom's and friend's and come back. xx
natashadurel natashadurel 8 years 6 weeks
check just in case , look in active ingredients
sparkle_fun sparkle_fun 8 years 6 weeks
i heard about this, but the only deoderants that are antipersperant (is that how u spell it?) are the ones that have aluminum.
shannon_jonas shannon_jonas 8 years 11 weeks
hmm interesting i didnt know that. i use lady speed stick i think lol
jamiegirl jamiegirl 8 years 12 weeks
I was told this somewhere along the lines. I use many natural and organic products but antiperspirant I just have to use mass market stuff (I'm a perfuse sweater).
iBrenna iBrenna 8 years 12 weeks
wow! I didn't know that! thats crazy!