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Let's Eat | Clams and Chorizo
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What is your favorite delivery pizza?

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Pokemyhontas Pokemyhontas 8 years 34 weeks
I like our neighborhood pizza joint's pizza. Tastes very close to NY pizza. As close as you can get to it in NC, anyway. *lol* I also like to get the whole wheat pizza dough from Trader Joe's and make a yummy pizza every now and then. We don't have pizza very often.
laurenash1984 laurenash1984 8 years 35 weeks
I have alawys loved Domino's but I'll eat pizza from just about anywhere. It's my fave and now I'm wanting some after this!
Adrianne Adrianne 8 years 35 weeks
Mr. Gatti's.
CandyCaneJane CandyCaneJane 8 years 35 weeks
I like my home made pizza better. ☆
books-and-shoes books-and-shoes 8 years 35 weeks
Chicago's nearby makes a slammin deep dish pizza!! I used to LOVE Pizza Hut but it just isn't the same anymore.
7kimba7 7kimba7 8 years 35 weeks
Dominos is the best delivered because of their cheesy bread. But, not to sound like a commercial, I buy DiGiorno. Harvest Wheat Four Cheese Pizza....mmmmmmmmmmmm......