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When Did You First Feel Your Baby Move?

At just over 16 weeks prego, I'm getting really excited to feel those first few flutters everyone talks about. I'm wondering, at what point in your pregnancies did you first feel your little one move? I was told it could happen anywhere from 16 to 20 weeks, and I'm hoping it happens on the earlier side for me. Also when will others, like the Baby's Daddy be able to put their hands on the outside of my belly and feel him or her move?

IZI IZI 4 years 18 weeks
I am 15.5 weeks preg and I felt the movement of my baby for the first time at around my 14th week. I'm pretty sure that it's my baby, because that was the first time I felt a soft movement inside me. It's really a wonderful thing to feel a soft moves inside you and knowing that it's your lil one. Everyone felt it in different time of pregnancy, but the joy it brings to our hearts are the same.
Beaner Beaner 4 years 26 weeks
I had to share - just started feeling the baby move last Thursday, and have been feeling him or her every day since. So exciting. It's very subtle but I know it's the baby!
4 years 27 weeks
I am currently 38 weeks pregnant with my first. I first felt movement at 15 weeks, but I wasn't convinced it was really movement until it became more obvious and regular at 18 weeks. My husband felt the baby move at 19 weeks, which was the same week that we started being able to see the baby move my belly when she would kick.
gigi_s gigi_s 4 years 27 weeks
With my first, right at 16 weeks. With this one much earlier, like 14. But this one you could see movement from the outside at a crazy 22 weeks. He is crazy active. But babies are all different.
4 years 27 weeks
I'm in my last four weeks now, and our baby has been quite active since week 14!! At first I couldn't believe it was the baby moving, but as the 'flutters' became stronger, it became clear to me that it could only have been that. Amazing... I have to say though that this baby has been very much at the surface the whole time, so that must have something to do about it.
schnappycat schnappycat 4 years 27 weeks
17.5 weeks with my son and 15.5 weeks with this one. On the early side. But i had a friend that was 22 weeks before she felt anything at all.
MissSushi MissSushi 4 years 27 weeks
I was even earlier then 16 weeks with my first. My doctor said some people can feel as early as 13 weeks. It was really neat and amazing, but it did make me think something was wrong with my next. Due to the placement of the placenta, i couldn't feel him until almost exactly 22 weeks. It also takes a lot longer for them to be able to feel it from the outside. I think being able to feel from the inside makes you better equipped to feel it out, and it was even a few weeks after that for my husband to be able to feel our son.
POPSUGAR-Moms POPSUGAR-Moms 4 years 27 weeks
I can't remember exactly when I felt my kids move, but know it was earlier with my sons because I knew what was happening.
4 years 27 weeks
I am 28 weeks pg with my first. I first felt him move at 22 weeks, my husband could feel him move at 25 weeks.
4 years 27 weeks
Everyone is so different. I encourage you to not be disappointed if you don't feel them for several weeks. I did not feel anything at all until week 21-22 - but right away my husband could feel them too. I have an anterior placenta (placenta attached to the front of my body) so that acts as a buffer to the kicks, leading me to feel alot less kicks than others may. But alot of my friends also shared with me that they only first felt kicks at a very late stage - even 24-28 weeks! So try not to worry if it doesn't happen very early.
4 years 27 weeks
I felt some random flutters at about 17 weeks. It was hard to tell if it was the baby or digestion at that point, but looking back I'm pretty sure it was the baby. I started to feel real undeniable kicks at a little after 21 weeks. My husband could start to feel the kicks from the outside a week after that..but it always seemed like the baby would stop kicking whenever he would try to feel her!